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Genshin New Event “Hypostatic Symphony” and Daily Login Rewards

After the Lost Riches, we welcome the new Genshin Impact event, “Hypostatic Symphony”. You could tell what this event is about by its name. Yup, it’s about battling Hypostases. Did Mihoyo just read my mind? Not too long before, I was hoping for a limited-time boss battle like in the Dragonspine event, but with better execution.

But what’s the difference with fighting the usual Hypostases? Well, Mihoyo stated that you would fight a “never-seen-before Pure Hypostases” and fight it in a Domain environment. By Domain Environment, it means there are several levels of difficulties, and you will fight with certain buffs or status.

Hypostatic Symphony 2

Hypostatic Symphony?

To participate in the event, you must be at least on AR 20. This event starts at 3 AM (UTC+7), January 16th.

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Mihoyo stated that you could get Primogems, special name card style, and other rewards from this event. For that other rewards, as you might know, I’m hoping for materials. You can get the rewards by accumulating points from the boss fights. The Domain levels and I’m guessing the clear time, determine the battle points you get.

You can challenge the same Domains multiple times to set a new high score. Furthermore, your total score is the sum of your score from every Domains. There are also achievement rewards in this new event. When your total score reaches a certain amount, you will get a reward.

In the event “Hypostatic Symphony”, there will be new Challenge/Domains unlocked each day, just like Lost Riches. Then, all the Challenge/Domains will be unlocked on the seventh day. You can jump into fight solo or co-op. So, better tell your friends about this.

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New Daily Login Rewards

Along with the new event “Hypostatic Symphony”, you will also get daily login rewards starting January 16th. You have to be at least on AR 5 to get the daily login rewards. You can get a total of 300 Primogems, 50k Mora, 16 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 8 Hero’s Wit. That’s pretty nice. I’m hoping Mihoyo could keep these daily login rewards.

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