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The New Pet Will Come, Here’s the Leak of Yondala Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest free to play games on Mobile and Console. With anime-look-like graphics, there are so many people enjoying the Teyvat. Now, miHoYo has given 1.3 updates, Lantern Rite Festival with Xiao and Keqing Banner. But, a new leak also told about the new pet in Genshin Impact, Yandola.

If you play GI, there is a pet called Seelie that was released on the 1.2 updates, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay. So, Wowkia wants to share with you some leaks about this new Pet that will probably be released in the next GI update.

Yandola Genshin Impact Leak

The leak said the new pet would come on patch V1.4. If we are looking at the form, Yandola – some call it Eudora – looks similar to the water Boss, Oceanid. Of course, the structure is so different from Seelie that it looks like the ball.

Also, the pet is not only following the traveler but also can interact and talk in the game. Some say after you summoned Yandola, the player will get a new skill, “Bubble Spit.”

How to Get the Yandola?

According to the source, the little Oceanid is one of the rewards for the new event that will come in V1.4. It features several other rewards such as 60 Primogem and 30000 Mora.

To get the reward, you need to find Pure Water Heart. This item will be used for a pass to fight the empowered Oceanid that will use different attacks and more powerful.

The Oceanid Challenge mentioned above will reward us Hero Wit, Adventure Exp, Companion Exp, and somehow Yandola itself. But again, it’s still just a leak. We must wait for miHoYo to announce it officially.

So, what do you think about the Yandola Genshin Impact? Leave the comment below, and don’t forget to revisit Wowkia for more game news and tutorial.

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