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Fall Guys Valentine Event: Red Panda Costume

Fall Guys Valentine Event: Red Panda Costume

To celebrate Valentine’s Day together with the players, Mediatonic as the developer of the Fall Guys game has released a new very cute costume at this Fall Guys Valentine event, namely Red Panda.

As the name implies, this costume is one of the most adorable skins for most people who play the Fall Guys game. As you can see in the photo below, Mediatonic made the design for Red Panda very cute and adorable.

Red Panda Costume on Fall Guys Valentine Event
Red Panda Costume | TheGamer

However, Red Panda was made very cute that way to atract users into buying this Red Panda skin. So, if you barely have money to buy your monthly needs, you shouldn’t waste your money for just buying this Red Panda skin (optional).

The Red Panda Costume in Fall Guys Valentine Event Doesn’t Look Like a Normal Panda

In addition, this Red Panda skin does not look like a panda in general. As you can see, this skin is more like a type of weasel which Wowkia doesn’t know its name, but you can see it in the photo below (still cute isn’t it?)

Red Panda Costume Actually Looks Like Weasel
Red Panda Costume Actually Looks Like Weasel |

Not only that, even though it’s Valentine’s Day, unfortunately Mediatonic doesn’t provide this skin for free like what Wowkia mentioned earlier. You see, to get the Red Panda skin, you have to spend a certain amount of money to get it, which is around 1,000 kudos for each part of the costume.

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For additional information, you only have until February 16 to get this Red Panda skin. Yep, this Fall Guys Valentine event is very limited. So, if you have extra money, it’s best to buy this skin before the deadline has arrived.

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