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Fall Guys Make Squads Mode Permanent

Fall Guys Make Squads Mode Permanent

Due to a very positive response from players, Mediatonic made the “Squads Mode” permanent in the Fall Guys game. They announced the good news through their official Fall Guys Twitter account on Friday morning.

Previously, Mediatonic had also announced this. However, many people think this is a joke, given that the team did announce this on April 1st, which is April Fools’ Day in progress.

To make the fans believe, even more, Mediatonic finally announced this again on April 2nd. In the announcement, the team said they weren’t creating memes. So, Squads Mode is true as it is will be part of Fall Guys permanently.

Apart from that, Squads Mode is a new feature added to Fall Guys Season 4 at the end of March. With this feature, players can create groups of up to four people to join the same match.

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Just as the name suggests, various groups will compete against each other in this Squads Mode. Indeed, with the Squads Mode, this is likely to break the balance of the game. However, of course, Mediatonic, as the developer of the Fall Guys game, will find a way to make both parties benefit.

Fall Guys Season 4
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Also, Making Squads Mode a part of Fall Guys for permanent was a perfect choice for Mediatonic. You see, since there is this mode in the game, more and more people are trying Fall Guys. So, you could say this is the new trend of the Fall Guys game.