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New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Released

Capcom will release the 8th Resident Evil franchise in a month. Approaching the date, the developers are sharing more with us about the new Resident Evil Village gameplay. In the video, we get more details about the story and its enemies.

Then, what content has Capcom prepared? Come on, read this article so that you don’t miss important information.

Latest Resident Evil Village Gameplay

In a 6 minutes video, we will see the new enemy, location, and mechanism. Also, we will learn more details about Lady Dimistrescu, the main villain in the game.

The gameplay starts with Ethan Winters sneaking into the castle. He is taking attention and spy the things the Lady did. Moreover, Ethan also fights against several enemies in the bloody warehouse. What makes it interesting is the zombie is equipped with the great weapons which may be from the castle.

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The appearance of a conventional zombie makes the game looks more modern. In the terms of the mechanism, players will use “Lei” as the currency, to buy items like weapons and ammo.

Furthermore, we get the look at other set locations such as the bloody warehouse and condition outside the castle. Last, players know the Lady works for Mother Miranda, talking to the shadow by telephone in a cutscene.

Resident Evil Showcase Held This Month

Resident Evil Showcase
Lady Dimitrescu | Capcom

Previously, Capcom said that RE Showcase will be held in April 2021. Of course, the details of the RE franchise will be more complete. However, there has been no announcement when the event will be.

There are many rumors that Capcom is setting the stage for Resident Evil 9. However, this is still a rumor, and there is no certainty about this. We just need to wait for confirmation from Capcom.

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