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10 Diablo 2 Guide That Will Absolutely Help Beginners

In Diablo 2, you must play smart and take any advantage if you can. But, sometimes, we can’t learn anything good if we just play it. So, for those of you who played Diablo 2, and don’t know anything about this game, here’s a guide that will absolutely helpful for beginners.

Anyway, if you’re not a beginner, this guide will also be helpful. Because, of course, not all Diablo 2 players know about this, even you already play this game for a long time, as Wowkia mentioned before.

10 Helpful Diablo 2 Guide

So, are you curious about this Diablo 2 guide? If so, don’t worry, let’s have a look! But before that, make sure you listen to the guide down below. Because this will be really helpful for those of you who don’t know about Diablo 2, I promise.

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1. Don’t Expect a Focus on Endgame

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Expect A Focus On Endgame
Don’t Expect a Focus on Endgame | Game Rant

In Diablo 2, players have to make the word “replay” a part of themselves. Because Diablo 2 is not like Diablo 3, which prioritizes endgame content with Seasons, Conquest, and Rifts. So, that’s why don’t expect why Diablo 2 less liked.

2. Don’t Neglect Hirelings

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Neglect Hirelings
Don’t Neglect Hirelings | Game Rant

As we know, in the game Diablo 2, you can get a hired person as an assistant on the way. So, if you want to go on a trip, it’s best to use the hired person as your companion, especially the Rogue Archer, who will be of great help. Apart from him, you can also hire other people. Remember that if you want to rent it, you should first remember what your needs are and follow this Diablo 2 guide if you already got it.

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3. Don’t Sell When in Doubt

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Sell When In Doubt
Don’t Sell When in Doubt | Game Rant

When you have an item that might come in handy later, it’s best not to sell it if the player plans to become a professional. Because at the end of the game, the players really need items and pay attention to the items they get. So, if you are a new player, you should be careful when you want to sell items, especially rare items.

4. Don’t Look for Direct Lore

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Look For Direct Lore
Don’t Look for Direct Lore | Game Rant

For the next Diablo 2 guide, players should not seek direct knowledge. Because insight into the world in the game Diablo 2 has background details that tell the player more about knowledge than reading NPCs’ dialogue.

5. Don’t Expect Concepts for D3 Callbacks

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Expect Concepts For D3 Callbacks
Don’t Expect Concepts for D3 Callbacks | Game Rant

As taught in the game, newcomers had to enter Diablo 2 first. So, don’t enter Diablo 3 right away. Because the background rumor in Diablo 3 is related to Diablo 2. So, that’s why it’s best to understand Diablo 2 first and then play Diablo 3.

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6. Don’t Rely on Multiple Saves

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Rely On Multiple Saves
Don’t Rely on Multiple Saves | Game Rant

Before starting the game Diablo 2, you should first find out the information about the character you want to use. Even though Diablo 2 has several character slots that you can use, if the first character you make doesn’t match, you will surely be forced to repeat the game with a new character. So, basically, you have to focus on 1 character that you like only. That’s why if you don’t want to be frustrated because of your character in Diablo 2, follow this guide.

7. Don’t Depend on Respec

Diablo 2 Guide, Don't Depend On Respec
Don’t Depend on Respec | Game Rant

In Diablo 3, there is an “auto respec,” which will auto-maximize their character. However, in Diablo 2, that doesn’t exist. So, that’s why you should follow this guide, which is to be careful in deciding your character build. If one miscalculation occurs, it will cost the player the opportunity to optimize their character.

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8. Don’t Ignore Dodge

Don't Ignore Dodge
Don’t Ignore Dodge | Game Rant

If you have previously tried the Diablo 3 game before the second version, maybe you think Dodge is not important. However, it is very different in Diablo 2 because Dodge is very important. So, that’s why you should always use this Dodge guide.

9. Don’t Forget Essential Statistics

Don't Forget Essential Statistics
Don’t Forget Essential Statistics | By Ivaylo Durmonski

If you are sure to use the current character to enter the endgame smoothly, you should not forget about important statistics. So, that’s why you should follow this guide and immediately choose what kind of statistics you want to make. However, what I suggest is best to make the statistics evenly and increase the damage more.

10. Don’t Follow Any Guides Yet

Don't Follow Any Guides Yet
Don’t Follow Any Guides Yet | MrLlammaSC

For the last Diablo 2 guide, it’s quite simple since you don’t need to follow the guidelines in the game Diablo 2. However, some guides may be useful, depending on each player. Still, if you want to finish this game as quickly as possible after playing it, forget about this.

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So, that’s 10 Diablo 2 guides for beginners. So, what do you think? Is this guide strong enough for beginners who played this game about one or two days ago? If so, let me know what do you think about this article in the column comment.

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