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GTA Online Update Fixes God Mode and Money Glitches

One of the glitches involved the player switching between their created characters in order to duplicate money. Now, when players attempt to do it, they receive an error and are sent back to their second character.

The other glitch, referred to as a “god mode” glitch, allowed players to be invincible while on foot. Unfortunately, there are still multiple god mode glitches left in the game. Two particularly nasty god mode glitches that still remain involve jets and the Vapid Speedo delivery van.

It Finally Fixed

The developer of Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games, is able to release updates and changes to the game’s code from behind the scenes, without having to force players to download a patch.

Yesterday, Rockstar insider Tez2 pointed out that Rockstar removed two glitches that were plaguing GTA Online.

It is nice that Rockstar continues to make an effort to keep GTA Online an enjoyable and balanced experience for all, but clearly it is a struggle. There have been, and continue to be, money glitches since GTA Online launched in 2013, and god mode glitches for about just as long. No matter how many Rockstar fixes, new ones still pop up.

Players frequently use god mode glitches to grief other players, hurting their enjoyment of the game. Rockstar has made changes to counter GTA Online griefers. Money glitches give players the ability to purchase incredibly expensive items in the game, like powerful and deadly weapons and vehicles that players who play fair may not be able to afford them. Of course, the money glitches are also of concern to Rockstar, as that stops players from spending real-life money on GTA Online’s Shark Cards.

So, what do you all think about this guys?

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