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How to Make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Previously, we have talked about the strength potion recipe that boosts your attack damage. Now, we’ll discuss other potions recipes that make you poison effect for 45 seconds. Are you curious about what the ingredients needed? This is how to make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft.

Require Materials

If you want to craft this potion, you need to collect the following items:

How to Craft a Potion of Poison in Minecraft

Time needed: 5 minutes.

After collecting all the required materials, you can follow the steps below. This is how to make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft.

  1. Open the Standing Menu

    First, you must open the standing menu because it’s the mediator to make the potion.Brewing Stand Minecraft

  2. Add Blaze

    Then, don’t forget to add the blaze powder to activate the brewing stand. Put the item at theHow To Make A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft 2

  3. Add Water Bottle

    Put the Water Bottle at the three boxes in the brewing stand. This is the basic item to make all potions.Water Bootle Pos3

  4. Add Nether Wart

    After the brewing stands active and water bottle placed, put the Nether Wart in the ingredients box on the top. The brewing stand will change the water bottle to be Awkward Potion.How To Make A Potion Of Poison 3

  5. Add Spider Eye

    Next, put the Spider Eye in the ingredients box and the brewing stand will start processing the potion.How To Make A Potion Of Poison 4

  6. Finish

    You will hear “glup glup glup” sounds and Spider Eye disappeared from the box. Potion of Poison has made and you can put it in your inventory.Potion Of Poison Finish

Poison Potion Upgrade

Potion Of Poison 2 Minutes

You can extend the potions with a new ingredient. You will get a longer duration of effect. For this potion, you need Redstone Dust and Glowstone Dust. To make it, you can repeat the tutorial we see above and insert the different ingredients.

Besides being consumed by the character, potions can also be used as weapons thrown at the enemy. You can make Splash Potion of Poison in Minecraft.

So, that’s how to make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft. We will return for more Minecraft recipes, leave a comment below and share this article.

Source: Digminecraft

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