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Promos Code for Pokemon GO May 2021

As we know, various games will usually give players a promotional code as a new month’s gift. Using this promotional code, players will usually get various prizes, ranging from goods, coins, and the like.

Likewise with the game from Niantic Inc, namely Pokemon GO, which usually provides promotional codes to players every month. This promotional code itself usually comes from various collaborations and events. So, that’s why promotional codes won’t last long.

Apart from that, we should now discuss the promos for Pokemon GO that exist today. Maybe, you could say May 2021 is a bad month for Pokemon GO players. For the reasons alone, you can see below.

Pokemon GO Promo Code May 2021

Pokemon Go Promo Code May 2021
Pokemon GO Promo Code May 2021 | YouTube

This month, the developer did not issue any promotional codes to the players. In addition, at this time, there are also no active promotion codes that players can use.

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I don’t know why the developer didn’t provide a promotional code for this month. However, it seems that this is because the developer has given many events to the game, for example New Pokemon Snap.

So, with many in-game events, of course, adding other things will make the update even bigger. So, it seems that’s why the developer feels it’s better not to add a promo code but add a new event.

Besides, it looks like the developer will be giving out promotional codes to the players next month. So, that’s why you should monitor Wowkia, so you don’t miss any information about the promo code for Pokemon GO May 2021 and so on.

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