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How to Make a Water Bottle in Minecraft

Minecraft is the sandbox game that makes you can create many things from nature kinds. In the game, a Water Bottle is the basic item that use to make other items like splash potion. This time, Wowkia will give you the ingredient needed and how to make a water bottle in Minecraft.

Require Material

  • Glass Bottle

Yes, you just need to have one Glass Bottle to craft the Water Bottle.

How to Get a Water Bottle in Minecraft

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Literally, you just need to fill the bottle with water that you can find in this game. Then you can add the Water Bottle after doing previously method. Let’s check the step below! This is how to make a water bottle in Minecraft.

  1. Find Water

    First, you need to find the natural source of water in your Minecraft. It can be a river, lake, or other places with some water.How To Make A Water Bottle In Minecraft 1

  2. Hold the Glass Bottle

    Second, select the glass bottle from your inventory and make sure you hold the item.How To Make A Water Bottle In Minecraft 2

  3. Fill the Bottle

    While standing in front of the source water, you can right-click to pick up the water with a glass bottle. If you played Minecraft in the console, tap L2 or LT in the controller. The bottle will change to a blue color because of the water. The item, Water Bottle will automatically add to your storage.How To Make A Water Bottle In Minecraft 2

So, that’s how to make a Water Bottle in Minecraft. If you looking how to breed the horse in this game, Wowkia has written it in the previous guide. If you need more guidance for Minecraft, don’t forget to share this page and comment below.

Source: Digminecraft

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