As the developer of the game Shadow Warrior 3, Flying Wild Hog has announced that the game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Later, this game will be released together with PC in 2021. The exact release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, according to reliable information, this game will definitely be released this year.

As there is still no official release date for the Shadow Warrior 3 game, this game may later be available for other platforms. However, we still don’t know which platform this game will be on. However, of course, there will be leaked information regarding this matter, so that’s why you should monitor Wowkia for further information.

In addition, the gameplay of this game will be almost similar to the previous series. In fact, the developers also say that Shadow Warrior 3 will not reduce the gruesome kills. So, that’s why you should prepare yourself mentally first when playing this game.

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What’s more, this game will also get a significant increase in detail, texture, and other graphics-related things. So, it is certain that battles filled with blood will always be seen in Shadow Warrior 3. In fact, it is possible that later you will find something more terrifying. So, because that’s like I said before, prepare your mind while playing this game. Otherwise, Shadow Warrior 3 can make players feel queasy easily, if not familiar with gore games like this.

Shadow Warrior 3
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Shadow Warrior 3 is a first-person shooter game developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital. This game is full of gore scenes, so this game is one of the best choices for those of you who like the genre.