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How to Get Catwoman Zero Skin in Fortnite

In the next update, Fortnite will present a new skin, called Catwoman Zero. To get this skin, you need to have various things that are needed beforehand.

To get this skin is actually very easy; you only need to buy it at the Item Shop using V-Bucks. The price for this skin is arguably the same as other skins. For example, Batman Zero costs 1,500 V-Bucks, and this skin will also cost that much.

Catwoman Zero And Batman Fortnite
Catwoman Zero and Batman Fortnite | Comic Book

Besides the skin, it is possible that later Catwoman Zero will also get bundles, such as cosmetic packages and such. However, this is only a leak, so don’t expect everything in this article to be true.

In addition, later players can also get a free item here, namely the Grappling Claw Catwoman pickaxe. To get this item, you only need to exchange the free code obtained from the third edition of Fortnite x Batman. Not only that, but later on, the Catwoman Zero skin itself will be released in the third edition. So, it’s best to watch the event to get a free code in exchange for a pickaxe.

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As reported by the famous leaker Fortnite, namely ShiinaBR, Epic Games would release this skin on May 18th. In this third issue of Fortnite x Batman, the game will focus on “Catwoman Zero.”

As for the other skins, it looks like Fortnite will soon release them in the fourth edition of Fortnite x Batman and so on. So, you should monitor this event because the game will give players lots of free items, one of which is the Grappling Claw Catwoman pickaxe.

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