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Dr Disrespect Hasn’t Been Informed of Reason for Ban

After Twitch suddenly banned Dr Disrespect from its platform, streamers and fans alike have been intently waiting for more details. Now, the controversial streamer has made his first statement since Twitch removed him. Unfortunately, Dr Disrespect claims to be as unaware about what is going on as the community is.

Since Dr Disrespect’s ban, some have theorized that Twitch was banning him for his involvement in a serious legal issue. Outside of a statement from the controversial streamer’s wife thanking Disrespect’s fans for their support, there has not been any word from the streamer until now.

What’s Up for the Banning?

In a recent tweet, Dr Disrespect informed his community that Twitch did not explain the reason for his permaban. He thanked the Champions Club for their support. Several fans were left even more confused by the statement.

Some responses asked him to explain his strange behavior at the end of his last Twitch stream. Others called Twitch “unprofessional” for not telling Disrespect and the Twitch community why it made this decision.

If a serious legal issue did cause Dr Disrespect’s removal from the platform, it is likely that fans will not know what is going on for some time to come. However, Disrespect’s initial statement to his community seems to indicate that he will keep them informed of any new developments.

So, what do you all think about this guys? Do you think what Twitch did here, is an unprofessional move? What do you think, the move that should be doing right now by the Dr. Himself?

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