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Twitch Streamer, Tfue Got Swatting While Playing Minecraft

Recently, there was surprising news coming from Twitch users about a Twitch streamer named Tfue got Swatting while he playing Minecraft at his house.

This story about Tfue being attacked by the police began a while ago while he was playing Minecraft on Twitch, but there was a voice from another room. From the sound that is heard, the police officer tells Tfue (Turner Tenney) to come out with his hands raised, and Tfue is heard to comply with the officer’s demands.

To make sure the police did not commit acts of violence, Tfue repeatedly told police officers that he had his hand cut. Not long after he arrived at his doorstep, Tfue then had an off-screen conversation. After chatting, shortly thereafter, Tfue returned to broadcast safely.

Tfue Got Swatting
Tfue Got Swatting | Fortnite Tracker

Reporting from Game Rant, there were people who reported on the Twitch Tfue stream in the donation feature, the contributor said this person (unknown) is believed to be the individual who caused Tfue to be swatted. After seeing the report, Tfue said “great man. You really made me feel better”.

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Clix Also Experience the Same Incident As Tfue Did

Cody Conrad (Clix)
Cody Conrad (Clix) | ESTNN

Actually, besides Tfue got swatting, many people have been affected by this Swatting case. In fact, a 14-year-old Fortnite player, namely Cody Conrad (Clix) has also been hit by this case in a separate incident. Not only Clix, there was also actually a very sad Swatting case, which led to a murder case.

For those who don’t know, Swatting itself is a phrase for criminal harassment tactics by tricking emergency services into sending police and emergency response teams to other people’s addresses. Usually, people do this out of hatred for a certain person. The people who are most affected by Swatting are Streamers and YouTubers.

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