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How to Emote Glitch in Apex Legends

Recently, Respawn Entertainment has made the latest update for Apex Legends, namely Season 9 or Legacy. There is an emote in Apex Legends that you can use when fighting or in the Firing Range in this update.

Indeed, this is practically the same ordinary emote as in other games. However, there is something unique about this one: you can use it while moving and jumping. An example of using such an emote itself can be seen below. If used properly, this emote looks really cool, and here I will tell you how to do it so that the emote can be like that.

Keep in mind, this is not an official feature announced by Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends. So, you could say this is a “GLITCH.” So, that’s why I’m confused about what to name this tutorial. However, let’s say that this is an Emote Glitch. Okay, if you already understand, now we move on to discussing how to do it.

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Doing Emote Glitch in Apex Legends

First of all, you should do this in the Firing Range to avoid interference from other players. After arriving at the Firing Range, you need to know what button is used to issue the Emote if it is usually F1 on a PC. If so, you need to follow the steps below to do Emote Glitch easily and precisely.

Run while pressing the jump button or SPACE>Press F1 or the layout you use to open the Emote feature. Select the style you want to do, and later Emote Glitch will occur. Remember, you have to hold down the jump or SPACE button if you want the GLITCH to continue until the Emote stops.

Apex Legends Emote
Apex Legends Emote | Gamepur

In addition, until now, the developer still hasn’t told whether this is a feature or a bug. So, that’s why there is no harm in using this Glitch Emote in Apex Legends. You see, you won’t get a ban or anything like that.

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