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Apex Legends Tap-Strafing Nerf Delayed

In the next update, Respawn Entertainment said it would remove one of the movement techniques in Apex Legends, namely Tap-Strafing. This nerf is arguably very detrimental to the players and game developers themselves.

You see, Tap-Strafing is one of the most influential movement techniques in this Apex Legends game. So, removing this technique is a bad choice. Not sure, but people play Apex Legends because of its movement.

So, if they remove the technique, of course, many players will complain. What’s more, many professional players have previously complained about the actions of the Apex Legends developer.

Apex Legends Tap Strafing

Due to many complaints, finally, the developer announced that they would be delayed this nerf, as they said on Twitter. As you can see below, the developers say there are unexpected side effects because of their plan. So, that’s why they put it off and won’t add this nerf in the next patch.

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Reportedly, the developer will also invite Mokeysniper, a professional player and YouTuber of Apex Legends, to discuss the removal of this Tap-Strafing. Keep in mind, these are just rumors, so if anything goes wrong here, Wowkia is not responsible.

Also, as an Apex Legends player who always uses Tap-Strafing, I hope the developers don’t delete this technique. But, nothing I can say if they do because it’s them who make the game. So, I know some of you are angry about this plan, but it’s their game, nothing we can say. But, if many players don’t like this decision, maybe Respawn Entertainment will not remove Tap-Strafing from Apex Legends.

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