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How to Catch The Mirage in Biomutant

As we know, there is an Automaton in the game Biomutant that you can use as a handy tool. To make Automaton stronger, usually, you need to catch a number of The Mirage in the Biomutant game.

So, because capturing The Mirage is actually quite difficult, that’s why there is this article. Here, Wowkia will give you a guide on how to catch The Mirage more quickly and easily. With this article, you can make Automaton unlock its full potential.

Catch The Mirage in Biomutant

Catch The Mirage In Biomutant
Catch The Mirage in Biomutant | Game Rant

To catch The Mirage, you need to look for it first in a predetermined location. Usually, you can find The Mirage near Pingdish 9H, then head to the left if you look at the map. You just have to circle this place to find him, but he’s usually on the streets a lot.

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Also, to find The Mirage even more easily, you just need to open the Journal, then Side Quest, and select The Mirage Mission. If you have, you will later be directed to where The Mirage is, and you just need to approach him. Once there, you need to deal with The Mirage, then press the interact button with him.

After interacting, the player will later do a flashback of the past, which is a bad thing for the player’s character. If you are done, then now you can choose to open what items you want to have. For example, Health Injector, Power-up, Airglider, and Pew-Pew Pang.

If you have completed all the instructions above, you have now managed to catch The Mirage in Biomutant. So, was this article helpful for you? If you still have questions regarding this article, you should say them in the comments column.

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