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How to Oxidize Copper in Minecraft

As we know, in Minecraft, there is a new block, namely Copper. Over time, this block will turn green. So, to make it pure again, you need to read how to Oxidize Copper in Minecraft. However, if you really want to make it pristine again, there are several ways you can do it.

However, according to the title of this article, I will tell you how to Oxidize Copper first. Through the first explanation above, I have already said that for Oxidized Copper, you only need to wait for it for a while, and it will turn green by itself. Now, I will tell you how to Deoxidize Copper in Minecraft

How To Oxidize Copper Minecraft
How to Oxidize Copper Minecraft | BGA
How Long Does Copper Take to Oxidize in Minecraft?

Natural elements, such as rain, will not Oxidize copper quickly. So, in short, the oxidation process will only be accelerated depending on your Minecraft Tick. Normally, a tick will occur every 0.05 seconds. If calculated, each world will have Copper that has been oxidized every 20 minutes.

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For a broader explanation of Copper in Minecraft, you should read the explanation below. Make sure you read it carefully, so you don’t miss out on this important information that we’ll use to Oxidize Copper in Minecraft.

How to Deoxidize Copper in Minecraft

How To Deoxidize Copper In Minecraft
How to Deoxidize Copper in Minecraft | Sportskeeda

For the first method, you can do the scraping method on the Copper that has turned green. After that, you can scrape with Axe or Honeycombs on Copper blocks to prevent them from Oxidizing. Like I said, you only need to use Axe or Honeycombs to remove them from Oxidize.

As for the other way, you can use lightning against the Copper to remove its green color. For lightning to strike the Oxidized Copper, you need a Lightning Rod. After creating the tool using Copper, now you need to paste it over the Oxidized Copper. Make sure the weather is raining and has lightning so that later the Lightning Rod will attract lightning.

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That was how to Oxidize and Deoxidize Copper in Minecraft game using several methods. So, are you interested in information about Copper in Minecraft? If so, I will discuss this block in more detail in the future.

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