Choosing the best gaming mouse is very hard, from how much the mouse weighs to size. That’s why here at Wowkia, we will help you find the best gaming mouse for you.

It’s worth mentioning that there is no “the best gaming mouse,” but there are better and worse options based on our extensive testing. These are still starting points to guide your experimentation rather than a definitive ranking.

Best Gaming Mouse in 2021

1. Glorious Model O Wireless

10 Best Gaming Mouse in 2021, Glorious Model O Wireless
Glorious Model O Wireless |

The fifth mouse was Glorious with its Model O Wireless. Last year in 2019, we saw the release of the Wired model O. This year, we get a follow-up with the same mouse now being wireless and still not breaking the bank.

Taking a look at it, the shell shape design obviously will be identical to the wired Model O. Gloriously gives you the option to pick it up in their black or white colors, and they did say the glossy finish variants will be coming on later on down the line.

You still have the six programmable buttons, The embedded RGB light strip, and a USB-C port for charging. So physically giving the lightweight ambidextrous mouse that lightweight form factor is with their honeycomb cutouts, bringing it to 69 grams as advertised. This is really impressive, considering the wired model O was 67 grams.

Underneath are the power button and the dpi led indicator, and their very own BAMF sensor goes up to 19.000 dpi. This sensor is their very own creation, and they said it’s designed for low power consumption. It’s a 1000 Hz polling rate, 400 IPS tracking, and 19.000 DPI.

For the battery life, they have it rated for 71 hours of gaming; that’s with no RGB enable, and that’s definitely pretty high so obviously, having RGB turned on it’s gonna drain it a lot quicker. There’s also no reason to keep it at a hundred percent, but you can keep it fully blasted rainbows.

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The battery looks like an estimated 15 hours with full brightness, so again not worth that sacrifice. When you’re charging the mouse, the scroll wheels kind of act kind of like a charging indicator; it’ll pulse from red to orange to green to kind of show you what battery percentage it’s at, and with just a 30-minute charge, I got full battery again so that USB c port is definitely proving worthy.

Now again, the original wired model o launched last year for $50, which completely shook up the mouse game, you know, and here they are now only charging $80 for the model wireless, which I think is more than fair and if you compare that to other lightweight wireless mice out there. The G Pro Super Light was nearly double the Glorious model O Wireless price, yet again, giving us a great product for a great price tag.

2. PWNAGE Ultra Custom

10 Best Gaming Mouse in 2021, Pwnage Ultra Custom
Pwnage Ultra Custom |

This mouse is one of the most interesting ones on this list, and it’s the PWNAGE Ultra Custom. Judging by the name, one of the selling points is that not only the fact that it’s wireless, but they let you easily let you swap out the shells, left and right clicks, and DPI button with different colors option. So if you hate the holes in the shell and want a different look, you can use their included solid shell.

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On their website, they have numerous color option shells you can buy. You can buy the mouse in either black and white, and it also includes the box is a set of opposite shells, so if you buy a white version, it will come with black shells. You get the option included as well of both solid shell and honeycomb shell. The shape of the keyboard comes in an ergo design, and it comes in at 69 grams with the stock honeycomb shell, solid shell with making it into 73 grams. The feet are 100% PTFE Feet, and they feel very smooth.

Their sensor is PAW3335 Optical 200 – 16000 DPI. The mouse only comes at $89, and if you want extra colored shells, that’s just an additional $12. Overall this mouse is very worth it and an excellent mouse for matching your setup.

3. XM1 RGB and XM1r

This mouse has two different options of the same mouse, but they are both different; first, it’s the original XM1r and the XM1 RGB. These mice have been flying under the radar, but I think this is an excellent option. These mice are wired. The XM1r is coming in at around 71 grams, and for its size, it’s very comfortable; it’s lower and quite wide.

Now for the XM1 RGB, this mouse has RGB, but that is not the only change. This mouse has larger PTFE Skates underneath. Furthermore, it uses Kailh switches instead of Omron switches. Kailh is more tactile and has a larger life span. The only downside of the XM1 RGB is that it adds around 10 grams, from around 71 grams to 81.

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All considered it’s still lightweight. In addition, these mice have a soft coating but still maintain a grippy texture. The original XM1r is around $60, and the XM1 RGB is around $70.

4. HyperX Pulsefire Haste

10 Best Gaming Mouse in 2021, HyperX Pulsefire Haste
Hyperx Pulsefire Haste |

The HyperX Pulsfire Haste is an awesome mouse coming in at 59 grams. This definitely puts it on the lighter spectrum of all the gaming mice out there. Even though the body does have honeycomb cutouts to the shelf, reducing the overall ambidextrous shape, it’s really comfortable to use. They are using the Pixart 3335.

Some other physical notes here are the fact they are using their own hyper flex cable. You have some subtle RGB integration into the scroll wheel underneath our top-grade PTFE skates and the use of TTC golden micro switches.

Inside the box, they include Rubberized grip tape and an extra set of skates if they get damaged. In conclusion, it’s a great mouse, and it’s not trying to do too much at its core. It’s got a super comfy shape, and I really like how there are no compromises anywhere while still giving us that budget-friendly price tag of just $50.

5. G Pro X Superlight

10 Best Gaming Mouse in 2021, G Pro X Superlight
G Pro X Superlight |

This mouse is the newer version of the G Pro Wireless, and it’s the G Pro X Superlight. The GPW Superlight cut down nearly 20 grams in weight to 63 grams making this one of the lightest wireless mouse options. It has the same ambidextrous egg shape. Comes either in black and white. This mouse uses the Hero Sensor uses their low latency light speed technology with a DPI range of 100 – 25,600 DPI.

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The cable is super flexible, almost defying gravity paracord. It’s very lightweight and the best stock cable out there. The sensor is a PMW3389 adjustable from 50-1600 DPI. They are actually using their own form of analog technology for their bend Omron switches which means these are basically handpicked; they are the best from the batch, and you are getting a fast response time in general.

The mouse uses the No-additive PTFE Feet, so you don’t need to change them with after-market skates. The battery life is steller around 70 hours. The only downside of this mouse is the price coming in at $150, which is definitely on the pricy side. But, price aside, it’s a great gaming mouse.

6. Cooler Master MM720

Cooler Master MM720
Cooler Master Mm720 |

Number six is the Cooler Master MM720; this mouse us a super flat pancake shape design. This mouse is not gonna be for everybody. It comes in at $50. The weight of it is 49 grams. The MM720 will be for those who prefer a smaller mouse overall and mainly uses a claw or a palm grip because, as you can see here, it really is just an ergonomic dream with these grooves and contours. So if you can master the shape, you’re going to be in good hands, literally. It has a 16.000 DPI sensor.

A super lightweight ultra weave cable. It uses Virgin-Grade PTFE feet which makes it provide a smooth gliding. There is some RGB lighting inside. It also uses optical switches, which still, for this price point, I think, is just really, really impressive. It’s shocking how comfortable and how good it is.

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7. Ducky Feather

Ducky Feather
Ducky Feather |

Number 7 is the Ducky Feather, and you know Ducky from their keyboards; they also made an excellent lightweight mouse. Inside is a 3389 sensor up to 16 000 DPI. It weighs 66 grams and manages to do so without any holes or cutouts on the top shell. Unfortunately, there are some on the sides.

Still, they also have some rubber grips there. I really like the matte coating they have. It doesn’t show any fingerprints or oils, which is always good; it also has some subtle integrated RGB zones. It’s just $65, and for a company’s first gaming mouse release like this, it’s excellent.

8. Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless

Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless
Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless |

Next is the Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless. The feet on here are too thin, so you want to swap them out with third-party skates. I think it’ll really take it to the next level; it’s a lightweight 66-gram Ambi mouse with integrated RGB lighting. It uses their true move air optical sensor up to 18.000 DPI. The mouse has great battery life overall.

It can connect to your PC via the USB Dongle or Bluetooth, so it’s nice and versatile there, and it comes in at $99, which really isn’t too bad. So it’s definitely a solid release from them using that trusted shape.

9. Asus ROG Chakram

Asus ROG Chakram
Asus ROG Chakram |

Up next is the Asus ROG Chakram. This mouse is definitely a change of pace compared to the others on this list. For starters, it’s still wireless, but unlike the recent trend, this is not lightweight, and it’s not trying to be, it comes in at 121 grams, but it’s also packed with features. First off, the mouse has hot-swappable switches, which is just a super encouraging thing to see; next, we have the ability to connect via their wireless dongle Bluetooth again or use it wired.

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The side of the mouse has a programmable 3D joystick you can swap out, and 3D joysticks are awesome on a gaming mouse. You can use this in games where you’re flying. You can even program it to make analog movements and inputs in-game. The Chakram also has built-in fast charging over USB-C and Wireless QI charging. It also features some of the brightest RGB lightings I’ve ever seen on a mouse, and I personally really like the translucent shell it has for its design. So again, a heftier mouse on both sides and features comes in at $150.

10. Razer Viper Mini

Razer Viper Mini
Razer Viper Mini |

the last thing on our list is the Razer Viper Mini. This mouse is just a smaller and lighter version of the Viper and Viper Ultimate at just 60 grams and only $40. It’s ambidextrous and has RGB lighting and under-glow. It uses their flexible paracord and has a 3359 sensor inside, and for 40 bucks, it’s just really hard to complain about the whole total package here. I was really impressed to see them release this at such an affordable price point. This mouse gonna be great for people who prefer a smaller size but really like the viper shape.

Those were the 10 best gaming mouses in 2021 that you must buy. I have made all the purchase links through the names of the gaming mouse. So if you want to buy one of these recommendations, you can buy it via the link.