AC Valhalla Choices and Consequences for a Better Gameplay

Much like the previous AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla will have plenty of choices for you to make, and each has its consequences. Check out our AC Valhalla Choices and its Consequences guide to ensure you don’t do something you regret. Some of the choices don’t really matter, but some will affect the game’s ending for you.

As you can see, AC Valhalla is pretty much a non-linear RPG. That means, in AC Valhalla, you have a few endings. The endings differ based on your choices throughout the game. We group these choices into two, major choices and minor choices.

The AC Valhalla choices that we grouped into major choices is the one that will determine your game’s ending. Check out our guide on how to get the best ending in AC Valhalla. On the other hand, minor AC Valhalla’s choices won’t significantly impact the story. These minor choices might only slightly change a single quest.

Before we continue, I have to give you some warning. That is, AC Valhalla won’t give you any sign or clue as to which choices are the major ones. So that being known, we recommend you to quick-save before making a conversation.

AC Valhalla Choices in The Main Quests/Major Choices

We will start from AC Valhalla choices that you’ll make in the Main Quests.

The prodigal prince

Chat with Sigurd

  • I should have gone easy on you: He laughs and says, you didn’t even let him get started.
  • You make everything a challenge: He agrees. Then, you say it’s good to have him back.
  • This is strong stuff: You tell he’s weaker now. He laughs and agrees.

You got presented with a blade

  • A thing of beauty: Hytham protests giving you this weapon, but you still get it.
  • It looks harmless: Basim replies that in the hands of a skilled warrior is is very deadly. Hytham still protests.
  • Hytham looks offended: He isn’t sure you’re worthy for the blade.

After the raid.

Rued awakening

  • We have a common cause: The king and his men will join you in battle.
  • We don’t need your men: Sigurd disagrees, and the king says the debt has been settled already. He still joins you.
  • What’s in it for you?: King Harald says this war has gone on long enough, and for peace, Kjotve must die.

Gorm Choices

  • Kill him: The king says that it would be too easy on him. He renames Gorm to Worm and exiles him.
  • Banish him: The king still renames him to Worm and banish him so that he will suffer longer.
  • You decide: King Harald likes the answer, begone Worm.

Then, a chat with the king.

  • I seek Valhalla: You’ve dreamt a beautiful end, but you can’t betray Sigurd, so you can’t join his kingdom.
  • I am bound to Sigurd: You say that you and Sigurd are bound by fate.
  • I don’t know my fate: The king is intrigued, but you still say that you and Sigurd are bound by fate.

Take the resources to England or leave it to Styrbjorn

  • Take the resources: Sigurd doesn’t like this, but he will accept because you are joining him in England. You will have 700 supplies and 20 raw materials when you start in England.
  • Leaves the resources: Sigurd is happy, but you’ll start with 300 supplies and 20 raw materials in England. Choose this for the best ending.

Tonna’s cow

A woman named Tonna asks you to buy her cow.

  • Pay: She gives you the info, and if you want to do the extra work, she will give the info for free.
  • Charm: If you have enough charisma, you only pay half and she’ll give you the info.
  • I’m not paying: You lose the charm option, and she’ll stark locking the doors on you. You got to sneak in and use Odin’s Sight to find the clues. After you take on the king, Tonna will try to kill you.
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Interrogating the queen

  • Ceowulf is a good man: The queen disagrees.
  • I see why you despise him: You say you understand why, but he is the salve for the wound that is Mercia.
  • I’m not here to talk about Ceowulf: The queen say her husband was chosen by God.

Ivarr turns up.

  • Weak stomach?: This one’s a threat, and it works. The queen will give you the info.
  • Get out Ivarr!: The queen wants out and is willing to talk to you.
  • Do nothing: Ivarr goes brrrr, the queen freaks out and begins to talk.

A chat with Ivarr.

  • Clever of you: Ivarr be like, “Nah man.”
  • You nearly blew it: Ivarr be like, “Damn, chill dude.”

Spare or kill Leofrith

  • Spare: Leofrith appreciates your great kindness and he tells you of a statue with a scroll in a small bowl. If you destroy the scroll, the Zealots will not hunt you down. The Zealots are the helmet guys on the map that hit like trucks.
  • Kill: Ceolbert says he doesn’t deserve that, you disagrees. You don’t get to loot his body and now the Zealots will actively hunt you if you get too close.

Spare or kill the Norse warrior

  • Spare: Dag is not happy and kills him anyway.
  • Kill: Dag is pleased, and Randvi is not happy about it.

Thor Freyja or Tyr

This one doesn’t really matter. Just pick whoever you want to see fighting beside you.

Kill or keep a hostage scout

He dies anyway and it doesn’t matter, either you or Valdis will kill him.

Words before the battle

You are asked to give some words before a raid. This one doesn’t really matters too, just pick the one that suits your taste.

Spare or kill Rued

  • Spare: Oswald is happy, and Rued will crash the wedding later.
  • Kill: You can’t loot his body. Oswald is a bit salty, but joins you anyway. Finnr also will join you after the wedding.

The wedding

  • Fight Rued: Kill him and Oswald will be happy, also Finnr will join you later.
  • Oswald fights Rued: Oswald wins and earns everyone respect. Finnr won’t join you.

Rowan or Holger

  • Rowan is right: Holger cut off the horses tail and diminished its value. You say Holger has to pay and Holger is not happy about it but they both leave and don’t cause any trouble.
  • Holger is right: You warn holger, then Holger apologizes to Rowan.

Sleep with Randvi or not

  • I feel the same way: You will sleep with Randvi and Sigurd won’t be happy about this. OR you can wait a bit until Sigurd and Randvi breakup, then you can sleep with Randvi without worrying the fragile Sigurd.
  • Now is not the right time: BEGONE, THOT! Choose this for the best ending, though.
  • I care for you as a friend: You just Eivor a simp. Congrats.

Blacksmith chat

  • I’m the one asking questions: Fight him, then you will get the item needed to find out where The Leech is.
  • I’m a friend: If you have enough charisma, you get the details and the kill the Blacksmith anyways.
  • I’m a member of The Order

If you choose the third option, convince him.

  • Never compromise The Order: He doesn’t buy it and attacks.
  • The Order is eternal: He doesn’t buy it and attacks.
  • Father of Understanding guide us: The blacksmith believes you and you don’t have to kill him.
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Keep or burn the book

After dealing with The Leech.

  • Keep it: You can’t bring back the dead, but you can use the book to help save more. Although It doesn’t do anything, you can put it in your room at the end of your bed.
  • Burn it: It doesn’t matter anyway.

The compass attack

  • Springalds with Stowe: You follow Stowe to some ballistas that you can use to attack the boats, making your path to the Compass easier.
  • Flanking with Erke:  You can do a lot of damage, but you still need to cross the boats for The Compass.
  • Go alone: You make your own path.

Arguing with Sigurd

  • We have a pact:  Sigurd says that is not for you to decide.
  • Sigurd, you are a coward: Sigurd reminds you that he is your Jarl and you answer to him.

Basim jumps in.

  • Take a breath: You keep your oaths. You know where the stone is; take the castle and steal it. Choose this for the best ending.
  • Punch Basim: Sigurd is not happy with this. That’s one strike for you.

Moving on.

  • Enough of this: Be chill, and move on. You and Sigurd are separating for the moment. Choose this for the best ending.
  • Punch Sigurd: Sigurd says you move with Odin’s wrath, but not His wisdom. You and Sigurd are separating for the moment.

Lady Eadwyn

  • Let her be exiled: She is exiled without name or rank from Mercia, and she swears vengeance. You still become Geadric’s ally, but Lady Eadwyn will be gone.
  • Let Geadric look after her: She is arrested and removed. You will gain your alliance with Geadric.

Decide who gets the silver

  • Ynyr: He’s gone before even saying anything to the king. You can’t get the silver back from him.
  • Gwriad: He doesn’t make it out of this room alive. You do get to loot the silver back off his body, though.
  • Angharad: She will thank you, and later she’ll give you a Briton Cloak Brooch. The Brooch only sells for 38, so if you are into the silver, give it to Gwriad.

Ivarr was right

  • Ivarr was right: You still need to bring the peace talks, though.
  • Ivarr was wrong: You threatens Ivarr, but Ivarr is glad that you speak out. Then, you and the boys making a plan for the peace talks.
  • It doesn’t matter: Straight to bringing back the peace talks discussion.

Stealth or all out attack

You found Ivarr.

  • Stealth: You can do it. But, if you get caught, your allies will jump in to the fight.
  • All out attack: Rush it.

What happened to Ceolbert

All paths lead to the same outcome, killing the King.

King Rhodri

It’s all the same, basically Ivarr says no and says he has a plan for the king.

The last of Ivarr

  • Send Ivarr to Valhalla: You put an axe on his chest and he dies.
  • Deny Ivarr’s Valhalla: You tell him to go to the Helheim and he dies. Ubba eventually finds out and fights you for this.

Did Ivarr die well?

This one is up to you, and Ubba says he wants to meet his brother again in Valhalla.

Dag’s rebel

Go with you taste, and give Eivor the personality you want. Dag eventually just tells you to go and save Sigurd by yourself.

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Take Shergar or not

  • We will take him with us: He claims that he can get the guards to leave their posts so you can free Danes. He does his part, allowing you to free the Danes easily.
  • Do what you want: You send him off with the Abbot.

Dag’s last breath

  • Send Dag to Valhalla: Put his axe on his chest. Choose this to earn Sigurd’s respect and for the best ending.
  • Deny Dag’s Valhalla: You tell Dag that nothing awaits him after his death.

King Aelfred’s men

  • Send his men back: Then Birstan says that we should challenge the kings right to rule. Bad choice.
  • They will soon grow bored: Birstan says they came for someone and will be leaving soon.
  • Full grown in strength: You tell Birstan to weather the storm, and you will be stronger.

Next, the festival.

  • Wine and song is the answer: Birstan replies we deserve a feast.
  • You should contribute: Bad choice.
  • No fasting: Birstan will say it is for the loaf, to bless this place and bring good fortune.

Last one.

  • Keep your men here: The guys don’t like that.
  • Fields mean nothing: Birstan says the Danes can be a great threat and we need our men ready.
  • Beware of sleep: The guys like this answer, but Birstan fails to understand.

The Shiremoot choice

  • Aelfgar: Aelfgar might not be a good ally, but he has a lot of resources. Then, the Bishop calls in warriors to attack and you find out he is a member of the Order. Hunwald is a little upset, but agrees to help Aelfgar putting down the bishop. After the story, Aelfgar will become your ally.
  • Hunwald: It’s similar to the Aelfgar choice. However, If you don’t choose Hunwald to be the Ealdorman, he will join you with his swan woman.
  • Bishop Herefrith: He is a member of The Order, it’s not a wise choice to make him the boss.

Who is The Vault?

Talk to all the council members and Hjorr. Then, pick Audun as The Vault and he will poison some people. A cut scene will reveal that he is The Vault. Kill him and move on.

Silver for the merchants or fund Halfdan’s war

This one doesn’t really change anything. However, if you choose to fund Halfdan’s war, he will mention it later on that the silver should have been put into better use.

Fulke’s champion

  • Kill him: you kill him.
  • Send a message to Fulke: If you choose this, you’ll have to fight him again.

Guthrum choice

  • I will listen: Guthrum explains to you on how you can get your Jarl back.
  • Do not speak to me that way: Guthrum talks, then leaves you to plan.

Confronting the Saxons

  • Try it your way, Stowe: Stowe tries to convince them to leave. They’re not all convinced, but some take the leave.
  • Ljufvina is right: You rush in. Stowe isn’t a fan of this, but joins anyway.
  • I will go alone: You go in with the sneaky way, but if you get caught, your allies will go in.

Faravid camp

  • He doubts you: Faravid doesn’t take this kindly and decides to kill some Picts.
  • I am her to fight: Faravid believes you.
  • You doubt me?:Then, you say you are here to fight some Picts.

Spoils from the Pict camp

  • Fine: You agree with Faravid
  • I insist we drink: You threaten him.
  • What’s wrong?: You say he won’t miss one missing cask and you guys drink.

Keep Faravid’s secret

  • Your secret is safe: You’ll fight by Faravid and you won’t tell Halfdan.
  • I cannot hide this: You’ll fight with him, but if Halfdan asks you about this, you’ll be honest.
  • Let the Gods decide: Faravid says we don’t have to worry about Odin, just Halfdan.
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Encounter with Ulf

  • Traitors must suffer: Ulf and his men attacks you.
  • They do not deserve punishment: Halfdan says he will forgive them if they return the treasure, but Ulf says no.

Does Halfdan knows?

These choices might change based on your choice above.

  • Halfdan knows: Ricsige doesn’t care, he needs direct order from Halfdan, so you have to forge the orders.
  • Halfdan doesn’t know: Faravid tells Ricsige that you are mistaken and Ricsige doesn’t join the attack on the Picts. Then, you have to go the extra mile to forge fake orders from Halfdan so that Ricsige will lend you troops.

Halfdan or Faravid

  • You’re insane Halfdan: Halfdan thinks you, too, are a traitor. Halfdan loses his mind for a moment and tosses his hammer into the crowd.
  • Stand down Faravid: You go and fight Faravin, then Halfdan steps in and kills Faravid.

Gudrun and Holger

It doesn’t matter. Here’s Sigurd.

Sigurd’s judgement

  • The judgement is unfair: Sigurd clearly doesn’t like this.
  • I support Sigurd’s judgement: Choose this for another step towards the best ending.

Druid riddles

Use Odin’s Sight to search the druid house and find all the clues. The only choices you will have are the right ones if you found the clues.

What will you do with Cynon

  • I’ll kill him: Modron tells you that he isn’t weak.
  • I’ll expose him: You reveal his sins and let the people judge.
  • I have to go: Do as you see fit.

Confronting Cynon

  • Prepare to die: You kill Cynon, Modron is next.
  • You’ll die in the wicker man: You leave him be knowing that the festival ends with him burned.

Confronting Modron

  • Kill Modron: Her daughter walks in and watches you kill her. Tewdwr then awakes. You tell him you killed both of them. Tewdwr says he will take care of the girl since she is innocent, but the girl says she won’t join the church. She goes to the festival with Tewdwr and says she will not hold a grudge because your future will punish you enough.
  • Spare Modron: Her daughter embraces her. Tewdwr awakens, unharmed but confused.

How did my brother die?

  • Ivarr died a warrior: Halfdan says that he is glad and you will always be welcomed in his hall.
  • Your brother died a coward: You tell him what Ivarr did and that you killed him. Halfdan says he deserves it, and you will always be welcomed in his hall.

Shield etching

Just pick the one that suits you.

Trygve’s fate

  • Snottingham cannot lose another: You convince him that he can serve his Jarl better later in life.
  • Do as you must Trygve: Trygve burns himself and Vili will be the Jarl.

Who will be Jarl?

  • I see a Jarl in you: Vili will be the Jarl and your ally, but he won’t join the crew.
  • I see Trygve as Jarl: Trygve becomes the Jarl, he is happy, Vili is happy, and the people are happy. You get your alliance and you can recruit Vili.

Return home with me Sigurd

  • Return home with me: England is the home now.  You want him to face foes and find greater glories together.
  • I understand your anger: Sigurd says that he has too many bad memories here and he won’t return to England.
  • Your place is here: You tell Sigurd to stay in Norway.
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AC Valhalla Choices Guide to Recruit Jomsvikings/Unique Rider


To get Birna to join your clan, you’ll need to point out the real traitor amongst Birna, Lif, and Galinn. This happens during the Main Quest, The Stench of Treachery, in the Grantebridgescire story arc. The real traitor is Galinn, and if you choose him, Birna will join your clan at the end of the Grantebridgescire arc.


In the A Fury From the Sea quest, you’ll be presented with two choices, kill Rued or Spare Rued. If you kill him, Rued won’t be a problem anymore. However, if you choose the latter, Rued will crash the wedding later. When Rued shows up at the wedding, you’ll have the choice to either fight him yourself or let Oswald fight him. If you fight Rued yourself, Finnr will join your clan. Otherwise, he won’t come around.

Ac Valhalla Choices Rued
AC Valhalla Choices for Rued’s fate


After the Essexe story arc, Rollo will join you as your clan member, no matter what choices you make throughout the game. However, if you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, point out the real traitor (Gerhild) during the Main Quest, Old Wounds. This will also lead you to Estrid getting uninjured.


During the Main Quest, Under the Skin, in Snotinghamscire story arc, you’ll be presented with two choices, “Snotingham cannot lose another” and “Do as you must Trygve.” Choosing the first will keep Trygve, and choosing the second will make Trygve burn himself.

If Trygve survives, during the Main Quest, Farewells and Legacies, you’ll have an option to either pick Vili or Trygve for Jarl. If you choose Trygve, Vili will be available to join your clan. However, if Trygve burned himself, Vili won’t be able to join your clan since he becomes Jarl.

AC Valhalla Choices for Asgard Quests

Dwarf blacksmith

  • My gratitude: You say you will have my thanks and hospitality. You tell him he can return to the land of fire if he wishes and die there like his brothers.
  • Your freedom: You tell him if you make good on his claim, he will be free.

Freyja and the marriage

  • I value my queen: You tell her that she is the queen of Asgard and you care about her.
  • No need for concern: This doesn’t worry you.
  • There will be no marriage: Freyja will be mad, and you will apologize.

Suttungr speech

You will speak to the Jotun, and you will have to make 3 choices. The better your choices are, the more the giants drink.

  • First
    1. I am a mighty warrior. The Jotun will cheer and drink to this.
    2. I am a weaver of great tales. Suttungr tells you that the Jotun prefer good deeds to tales.
    3. I am a Jotnar slayer. You say that you are the Jotun slayer, and Suttungr doesn’t feel happy to hear that.
  • Second
    1. We are all friends here. The Jotun doesn’t believe you.
    2. I respect you. You will earn their respect too, and then they drink.
    3. I stand humble. You sounded fake, and they will boo you.
  • Third
    1. Let me praise Suttungr. Suttungr and the Jotun don’t buy this.
    2. Let me sing you a song. They will boo you.
    3. Let’s just drink. And they will drink.

Gunlodr riddles

Gunlodr will give you 3 riddles, and here are the answers. Ale, Hammer, Swans and Eggs.

Gunlodr mead

  • I came to bring you a gift: You will have to complete the quest to get the circlet first to have this choice. If you do and choose this, you will sleep with her and get the mead without fighting.
  • I had to see you: Gunlodr thinks you’re teasing her. Then, she calls the guards.
  • Out of the way: Well, straight to fighting you go.
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Ac Valhalla Eivor And Gunlodr
Eivor and Gunlodr

AC Valhalla Choices for Side Quests

Hysing the World Wise

  • Lie: Hysing will be happy. Ignorance is bliss.
  • Wake from your dream: You tell him he’s dreaming, and it’s time to wake up. He thinks that Alfred has sold you out to the Picts, and he denounces him as king. Djon is happy about the ending, he knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it had to happen.

The tiny island King

  • I will be your first ally. You say that you are honored to have an alliance with the king, then he says that he will get you an army.
  • Your story doesn’t add up: You cannot trust a man who lost his brothers so easily. He is mad after hearing this and will fight you to the death.

The barley dispute

Two men fighting over the profit of the gain sale.

  • Share it equally: They keep fighting. You can convince them to duel and then burn the silo to end the quest. Make sure you watch part of the duel, so the kids and everyone get out of the house before you burn down the silo.
  • Whoever breaks their back: The salesman says you are foolish, but the farmer agrees. Talk to the farmer and tell him to duel his brother. This will lure everyone out of the houses, and then you can burn down the silo.
  • He who seeks the deal: Then, burn the silo after triggering the duel.
  • I don’t care: Talk to the farmer again, and you can have him duel his brother.

Is father coming back?

A child asking you about her father. Note that you need to strike the tree after the dialogue to complete this quest.

  • Your father will return: You tell her that her father is an honest man, and he will return.
  • I don’t think he’s coming back: You tell her that 6 weeks is too long, and he’ll probably not coming back.
  • You need to move on: Only time will tell.

Where to bring the Seer?

This is when you talk to an injured seer.

  • Bring seer to the stone: She will thank you, and then she will finish the ritual. However, if you return a few days later, you will see her in bed, sick, and her farm is still in bad shape.
  • Bring seer to the farmer: The seer then will bless her farm.

The nun who asks for your inner peace

  • I can: You say that you are in peace, then she will pray for you.
  • I cannot: You say that your life is a rough one, then she will pray for you.
  • Come outside: Choose this to complete the quest. She is happy that you convinced her to leave the cellar.

The ring

You will meet an old man in Oxenford on a farm. He will tell you his story and thinks you are his daughter.

  • I accept the ring: You pity him and tell him that it reminds you of your mother.
  • You should keep the ring: The old man says you’re a sweet man. He will hand it over when the time is right.

Okay, that’s for the AC Valhalla choices guide, guys. Other than the AC Valhalla choices guide, we also have the tips and tricks for AC Valhalla, so be sure to check that out too.

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