20 AC Valhalla Tips and Tricks to Become the Greatest Viking

Have you played AC Valhalla? The game is coming in hot right now. In case you already have bought the game and currently playing it, we have some hot AC Valhalla tips and tricks for you. There are a few new things in AC Valhalla, such as different combat systems and the loots/items. You may need some time to adjust to it, though.

Our AC Valhalla tips and tricks are ranging from general to exploration to combat tips and tricks. We hope these tips and tricks help you catch on with the game’s combat and exploration. Furthermore, we hope we can help you achieve the best available abilities in the game, setting you up for the British Isles’ successful siege.

General AC Valhalla Tips and Tricks

Ac Valhalla General Tips
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla |
  • AC Valhalla points of interest can be divided into 3 groups, Wealth (ingots, abilities, and weapons), Mysteries (side quests and puzzles or challenges), and Artifacts (cosmetics and treasure maps).
  • The first and the most basic AC Valhalla tips and tricks are to use your Raven and Odin’s Sight. Your raven does not reveal enemy locations and automatically mark them. However, you can manually mark spots while flying as a raven to scout your enemies. Then, you have Odin’s Sight. Use this to find assassination targets and goods to pillage during raids. Odin’s Sight is also handy to find the alternative entrance to a building.
  • To loot Wealth during raids, you’ll often need your crewmate to get them. So, please keep your eyes on your crewmates and keep ’em alive. You can also find extra supplies by looting small chests scattered in raiding targets. They will appear as tiny gold dots on the map.
  • Each skill tree is attributed to one type of attack. Get the most out of these upgrades by having your gear complement your skills and try to equip a single type – Raven (Stealth), Wolf (Ranged), or Bear (Heavy). Choose your playstyle and collect Books of Knowledge to unlock skills that don’t consume Adrenaline.
  • Upgrading your settlement isn’t just for show. It actually can open up a new quest. Some animal parts and Roman artifacts can’t even be traded unless you’ve already built a certain thing.
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AC Valhalla Tips and Tricks: Exploration

Ac Valhalla Exploration Tips
AC Valhalla Exploration Tips |
  • Even when you end up leaving Norway early on in the story, but you can actually return at any time by hitting the Atlas button on the world map.
  • You can mark multiple things on your map. This is useful when you have multiple points of interest on the way to a quest, such as Wealth location or world event. You also have to check out every secret entrance for treasures. Exploration and grinding is the key to domination!
  • Don’t be afraid to explore! Even if the overall power level is below the average power level of an area, you can still explore it. Just remember, don’t get caught! (with Dota 2 slark’s voice).
  • Not every point of interest will appear just by syncing on a high viewpoint. You may have to consider to talk to info broker NPC or maybe just keep exploring. Another tip, points of interest are usually located around larger monasteries you can raid or towns you can visit.
  • You can call your longship at any time as long as you’re near water — hold down the d-pad and select it on your wheel.
  • Upgrade your horse and get them the Horse Swimming upgrade. You see, you are gonna be adventuring on horseback a lot, and sometimes you’ll find water, especially in England. So, getting your horse to swim is a timesaver.
  • Do not skip the Viking rap battle, the Flyting. This could increase your charisma and unlock more dialog choices later. Therefore, this could lead you to a new route to a story.
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AC Valhalla Tips and Tricks: Combat

Ac Valhalla Combat Tips
AC Valhalla Combat Tips |
  • Our first AC Valhalla combat tips and tricks are to upgrade your rations and quiver on early game. This is to mitigate deaths and to play safe with ranged attacks. Also, in case you’re low on health, run around the area you’re fighting in to find berries or other foods in the area to restore your HP. Once you get your HP back, subsequent food collected will count for your ration.
  • Each enemy has unique weapons and moves. From spears with heavy charge attack to Viking with a two-handed axe or dual hammers that deals crazy damage. You have to learn how to parry and dodge their attacks.
  • Focus on one style based on your preferable playstyle. If you like to live dangerously, go with the raven, then unlocks advanced assassinations and counter roll. This is for cheesing your enemies and turning the tide of your battle. If you go with the bear, you’ve chosen to go wild and deal crazy damages. If you go with the wolf, you are a sniper. You can pierce enemy defenses and stun them from afar.
  • Do not underestimate fire attacks, do a roll quickly to put them out.
  • You can parry with any weapon. You don’t really need a shield. However, if you mistime a parry with weapons, you’ll get damage. Meanwhile, with a shield, you don’t take damage even if you miss the parry timing.
  • You don’t need to find out every clue about an Order of the Ancients member to kill them. If you think you know where they are, or if you’ve actually spotted one, wreck them.
  • You need a bit of that Sekiro or Souls game mindset if you ever played one. I mean, you should take your time assessing your enemy movements, especially on boss 1v1. You need to know when to dodge, when to parry, and when to strike. You may also stun them to deal good damage, but you can only stun them once. So, be wise!
  • Try to switch your weapon or consider equipping a shield if you’re taking too much damage.
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Okay, those are our AC Valhalla tips and tricks. We will roll new advanced guides for AC Valhalla, so stay tuned! Also, check the steps to get the best ending for AC Valhalla!

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