AC Valhalla Best Armor for Every Skill Tree, Which one is The Absolute Best?

One of the best things about playing RPG is collecting every gear and get stronger with it. So, we got you covered; here is the AC Valhalla best armor to get. Moreover, it’s also about giving our guy/girl Eivor a sleek look. You want to cover them tattoos and look clean? Or going with Ezio Auditore looks with them hooded cloak? You got ’em all.

AC Valhalla best armor scattered across the world in gear chests. Like other RPG, it’s always worth exploring and searching for those shiny armors. Use your Odin’s Sight to find out the chest location and puzzle your way to it. Check out our tips and tricks for exploring the vast world of AC Valhalla.

How Does AC Valhalla Armor Works and What is AC Valhalla Best Armor?

Before we begin, I’d like to brief you about the armors in AC Valhalla. First, you have 5 pieces of armor, namely cloak, helmet, torso, bracers, and pants. The armors are grouped into few tiers (from weakest to strongest: Fine, Superior, Flawless, Mythical).

While sometimes it feels good to mix and match the armors, armors in AC Valhalla could give you buffs if you wear them in sets. Then, you can’t tweak your armor visuals like in AC Odyssey. You will only find limited unique sets of gear as you explore and trade. But, each weapon and armor can be upgraded to increase their capabilities.

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Ac Valhalla Armor
AC Valhalla Armor Upgrades | Credit to: sixburn gaming

To upgrade to the superior tier, you’ll need carbon ingots. Moreover, you’ll need nickel ingots to go for the flawless tier and tungsten ingots for the mythical tier. You can upgrade your gear by taking it to Gunnar.

As for AC Valhalla best armor, you must look at your skill tree and then your playstyle. Each set of armor and have different buffs and properties. If you want to play sneaky and focus on the assassination, you can go with the Hidden One’s or, for ranged playstyle, Huntsman’s set. But, if you want to go brutal, you can equip Thegn’s set, or maybe Thor’s set.



We already warn you, proceed with caution!

AC Valhalla Best Armor for Way of The Raven

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Set
AC Valhalla Hidden One’s Set |

Hidden One’s Armor Set, this armor set is the one for you sneaky assassin. Pair this armor set with abilities like Blinding Rush and Piercing Shot, as well as skills like Guided Arrow, Chain Assassination, and Stealth Recon. This armor set is pretty hard to collect, but you will know once you look at the stats and set buffs.

  • Set bonus (2/5): Increase Assassination Damage when crouched and undetected for 10 seconds
  • Set bonus (5/5): Increase headshot damage
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Here’s how to find them:

Hidden One’s Gloves

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Gloves
AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Gloves |

Located at Ratae Bureau in Ledecestrescire (Suggested Power 20). You need to look for an underground passage or a hanging net of rubble. For the passage, follow the tunnels underground. For the rubble, shoot the rubble down and descend through the hole into the Bureau.

Hidden One’s Mask

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Mask
AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Mask

This is located at Londinium Bureau in Lunden (Suggested Power 90). First, find the large circular structure made of wood outside the walls of Lunden, the Bureau is inside. Then, find the tree that hangs out from the very top of the city wall. Climb it and dive into the wooden structure. Once inside, go look for a breakable wooden wall under the water, and follow the tunnel. Next, shoot the explosive jar through the metal fencing to destroy the rubble, and voila.

Hidden One’s Robes

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Robes
AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Robes

This one is at Eboracum Bureau in Jorvik (Suggested Power 190). Find a destructible wooden floor in the graveyard. Go down and follow the tunnel. Stick to the right side, find the Bureau’s room, and then climb a nearby bookshelf to retrieve the key and open the chest.

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Hidden One’s Hood

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Hood
AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Hood

This one is at Camulodunum Bureau in Essexe (Suggested Power 160). First, locate the staircase on the southern outskirts of the city. You’ll need to blow up some rubble to get in. You need to search for nearby oil jars beyond the large tree and the stream. Take one, and climb up the tree. Throw it from the ledge onto the rubble.

Now drop down and continue through the tunnels. You should spot an opening above you and to the right. Climb up and keep going until you reach the flooded room. Follow the underwater passage. You’ll reach the end of the flooded wall but just above the locked door. Jump across to the other side and down into the next area.

Dive into the water again, retrieve the key, jump out, unlock the door, and then walk into the room to peer through the metal fence. See the barred door? Shoot it, then return to the other ledge and down the stairs to open the now unbarred door. You will find the chest there.

Hidden One’s Leggings

Ac Valhalla Hidden Ones Leggings
AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Leggings

Find it at the Temple of Ceres Bureau in Glowecestrescire (Suggested Power 220). You need to go through the main entrance and follow the tunnels. Beware of some poison clouds. You need to use a torch to ignite the gas and get through. You’ll need to use oil jars to break through a wall to get the last piece of armor.

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AC Valhalla Best Armor for The Way of The Wolf

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Set
AC Valhalla Huntsman Set

If you want to be an ace archer, AC Valhalla best armor for you is the Huntsman Armor Set. To get the best out of the set, you need to unlock skills like Arrow Reinforcement, Bow Stun Finisher, and Charged Shot. This armor can be found in the early game, and it’s pretty easy to collect them.

  • Set Bonus (2/5): Increase Ranged Damage when hitting enemies further than 20m away.
  • Set Bonus (5/5): Additional increase to Speed.

Here’s how to get them:

Huntsman Cloak

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Cloak
AC Valhalla Huntsman Cloak | Credit to: Mighty Noob

You can find it at Templebrough Fort in Ledecestrescire (Suggested Power 20). Go to the fort’s northernmost building that sits in the middle of a river. Shoot down the rock to reach the chest below.

Huntsman Helmet

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Helmet
AC Valhalla Huntsman Helmet

This is situated at Tonnastadir in Ledecestrescire (Suggested Power 20). Go look for a hideout under the fort, and you’ll find a locked door. The commander in the fort’s longhouse should have the key. The chest is in the deepest room.

Huntsman Armor

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Armor
AC Valhalla Huntsman Armor

Find it at Ravensburg in Grantebridgescire (Suggested Power 20). You need to search for it in a large hut inside the fort.

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Huntsman Vambraces

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Vambraces
AC Valhalla Huntsman Vambraces

Located in a cave near Besuncen Tor in Grantebridgescire (Suggested Power 20). You can find a tunnel behind the waterfall, follow it, and you’ll find the chest.

Huntsman Breeches

Ac Valhalla Huntsman Breeches
AC Valhalla Huntsman Breeches

Find it at Soham Hideout in Grantebridgescire (Suggested Power 20). Search it in the biggest hut in the middle of the camp.

AC Valhalla Best Armor for The Way of The Bear

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Armor Set
AC Valhalla Brigandine Armor Set |

The Brigandine Armor Set is for you who want to jump straight into battle. You don’t really care about assassination or using a bow. This set emphasizes taking multiple enemies at once. Heavy Dual Wield, Parry Damage, Warrior Takedown, and Perfect Attack are all great skills to invest in with this armor set.

  • Set bonus (2/5): Increase Armor when surrounded by more than 2 enemies.
  • Set bonus (5/5): Additional increase to melee damage.

Here’s how to get them:

Brigandine Helm

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Helm
AC Valhalla Brigandine Helm |

Located at Wenlocan Outpost in Sciropescire (Suggested Power 130). Check the cave behind the camp, and move the boulder to get to the chest.

Brigandine Armor

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Armor
AC Valhalla Brigandine Armor

Find it at Canterbury Cathedral in Cent (Suggested Power 130). There’s a locked door on the second floor of the cathedral. Then, go to the opposite side of the hall and shoot the lock through the fence. Follow the corridor down to the room with the chest. Shoot down the chandelier to destroy the rubble floor.

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Brigandine Cape

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Cape
AC Valhalla Brigandine Cape

Located at Quatford in Sciropescire (Suggested Power 130). The chest is under the town’s longhouse. Find a rubble-sealed cave entrance near the river shore, blow it, and follow the tunnels inside.

Brigandine Gauntlets

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Gauntlets
AC Valhalla Brigandine Gauntlets

Find this at Beamasfield in Cent (Suggested Power 130). You can find the chest in the town’s larger house, and you’ll need two keys to open it. One key can be found in a hut that has an open window at the front. The second is on the guards at outskirts of town.

Brigandine Trousers

Ac Valhalla Brigandine Trousers
AC Valhalla Brigandine Trousers

The last piece is located in Dover Fortress in Cent (Suggested Power 130). Head down into the dock area. You’ll find some rubble flooring down there. Go blow up the rubble, break the wooden wall, and the chest is yours.

Bingo bango bongo, bish bash bosh, those are our AC Valhalla best armor recommendations and how to get them. Make sure to optimize them by upgrading the proper skill tree. Once you figure that out, you might want to know how to get AC Valhalla’s best ending. If you’re curious, click here.

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