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Valve Adds a New Way To Find Steam Winter Sale Deals

Finally, Christmas will soon arrive. With this festive celebration, so many digital game distribution services are giving prizes to their users. One of the is Steam, which issued a very lively event for its users, namely Steam Winter Sale Deals.

Given that Steam recently issued Winter Sale Deals, there is news that the digital game distribution service has released a new way to find Steam Winter Sale Deals events.

They seem to do this themselves because many users have trouble finding the event that Steam created. Not only that, but most likely Steam also made this feature to show event number 1 on their platform?

Valve Added More Themed Pages for Steam Winter Sale Deals

New Theme for Steam Winter Sale Deals
New Theme for Steam Winter Sale Deals | PC Gamer

Apart from what Wowkia just said, on this occasion, Valve the creator of Steam also said they had added more “themed pages” to the Winter Sale. With this feature made, Valve also said that users can dive directly into various game categories, such as RPG, Retro, Anime, Software, and many general categories for other non-game goods.

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Additionally, Valve also said thanks to the themed pages that were added to the Sale this Fall, they were a huge success. They are also delighted that more people visited the game store page during sales than ever before.

Given this feature is very successful, maybe later Valve as the maker of Steam will continue to try to make this feature better than before. Even though it looks like this feature will only be available on Steam Winter Sale Deals, it doesn’t matter though, as long as users have had time to have fun. Finally, we will see lots of other users waiting for the Steam Winter Sale Deals next year.

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