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Valorant Will Recieve Six New Agents A Year

Valorant was released earlier this month. Riot Games has already revealed massive plans for the tactical shooter in the months and even years to come. The plans for Valorant including new agents, maps, and more things that worth waiting for.

The game developer is hosting major tournaments in Southeast Asia besides introducing new features such as the ability to surrender and a competitive ranked mode. But it looks like fans can look further and so much more.

They even released a new Dev Diary update recently, it featuring executive producer Anna Donlon. She detailed how Valorant will roll out new content, as well as what players can expect from each update. She also said players will soon have the ability to remake games and call timeouts.

The major Valorant updates will launch every six months in “episodes”. Donlon also revealed that each of the episodes is being divided into three “acts” lasting two months each. A new agent expected to be launch every act. A silhouette preview of the upcoming 12th agent and also will be coming in Episode 1 Act 2 was also teased in the clip. Donlon also promised regular UX updates, bug fixes, and balance changes to keep the game in a “really healthy state”.

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Silhouette preview of the upcoming agents

Valorant Riot Games

Although, the number of new agents is likely to change. It depends on player’s feedback. “This is another place where we’re going to need a little flexibility, because we really need to follow your cues here – how many agents are too many? How many are too few? But right now, six is the sweet spot, so six is what we’re targeting,” Donlon said.

Episodes & Acts

Donlon says the two are completely different. Each Episode is meant to last about sic months, with Acts lasting about two montsh each, with three Acts per Episode.

Player can expect a lot of new content everytime a new Act is released, such as the release of the new Agents.

“This is another place where we’re gonna need a little flexibility because… how many agents are too many? But right now, six is the sweet spot.”

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Episodes and Acts are also platforms on which Riot Games plans to explore Valorant’s rich lore, she added.

“Battlepasses will also release Act to Act, so three per Episode, and then skins and such every week or two throughout.”

Every new Episode will bring with it major changes to the game, including new maps or new feature releases.

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