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How to Solve Cable Puzzles in Biomutant

If Wowkia has previously discussed how to solve Rotation Puzzles, this time, we will talk about how to solve the Cable Puzzler in Biomutant. Of all the puzzles in the game, you could say this is the most one.

So, with this guide article, hopefully, you won’t be confused anymore when solving this wiring puzzle. So, if you already understand what we will discuss this time, here’s how to solve a cable puzzle.

Solving the Cable Puzzles in Biomutant

When working on a cable puzzle, players need to focus on the gray character under the answer box. This gray character is useful as an answer or direction that you use to connect the cables correctly. After that, you need to start remembering what letters below were gray. Now, you have to match those characters to the path, according to the answer earlier.

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For example, you connect the XX cable to the YY cable, the YY cable you connect to the ZZ cable and connect the white connector cable. In essence, here, you only get to match the gray character. We recommend connecting the closest cable, for example, like XX-YY as in the photo below.

Solve Cable Puzzles In Biomutant
Solve Cable Puzzles in Biomutant | Game Guide

Indeed, solving the wiring puzzle in Biomutant is quite confusing for us. What’s more, the wiring puzzle is also not just like the one in the photo above. So, that’s why this makes the players even more confused. However, don’t worry, because the method is the same, you only need to connect the cables according to the gray character.

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