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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Has Been Announced

After years of teasers, the Final Fantasy VII remake now has an official release date.

The release date is announced during a Final Fantasy concert held prior to the official opening of E3 2019. More specifically, the game’s first part will release on March 3 with more parts to follow, but it’s still unclear how many parts the game will be divided into.

The release date announced at the end of the latest trailer, which you can see above. Featuring Cloud, Barret, and a few other familiar faces, the trailer shows the characters taking on the Bombing Mission from the prolog of the first Final Fantasy VII game. The difference from the original is towards the end, where Aerith grabs Clouds hand as strange dark entity covers them.

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Since the first announcement five years ago, Final Fantasy VII remake has had a long journey of development. For long, fans have been kept mostly in the dark. Now, they are no longer unsure, as the release date has officially announced.