Fan Trailer: Robert Pattinson A Noir Batman

A new fan trailer finally shows the star of Twilight, Robert Pattinson, acting as the new Batman. Billy Crammer, a YouTube creator, is the one who made the video trailer. He does it by combining the scenes from both Batman and Pattison himself. This trailer gives Batman fans a picture of what kind of Batman Pattison will be.

As in line with Reeves‘ decision to return the Batman character to a young and a noir man, Crammer depicts this plot perfectly in his video. Starting from a scene where Pattinson tries to stop a street fight, he then looks for a path to regain his identity. He finally comes back with a Batman suit and the Rover, along with the scenes from Cosmopolis to show his appropriateness to play the new Batman.

Nevertheless, this video has not revealed the full story of The Batman. The movie, rumoredly, still has hidden villains, such as Penguin and Cat Woman. But at least we can now imagine how Pattinson will look like in the official trailer.

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