Moon Knight Season 2 Receives Discouraging Update From Producer

Moon Knight had a stellar first season on Disney+. The Oscar Isaac-led MCU series crafted a unique standalone story that tackled mental health while also introducing another powerful hero. After the show’s incredible run, fans were curious if Moon Knight would receive a sophomore run, similar to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki series.

While promoting the show’s finale, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account noted the sixth episode as the “season finale” rather than a “series finale,” teasing fans that Season 2 could be in the works. Now, an important update about Season 2 has emerged straight from the show’s director.

Will Moon Knight Season 2 Happen?

In a previously-released TikTok video, Moon Knight director and executive producer Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac teased a potential Season 2 announcement for the MCU series.

However, when responding to a fan on Twitter, Diab clarified that there are currently no discussions about the MCU future of the titular hero, indicating that no movement has been made on a second season.

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The user’s tweet also mentioned that Moon Knight’s creatives should reach out to Jewish creators to improve the Jewish representation in the show’s future, which Diab fully agreed with in his “this is soo valid” response.

If Moon Knight is not renewed, there are still more ways for the character to return in other projects, such as Blade and Marvel Studios’ Halloween special. The character could also make the jump to the big screen in his own solo movie. Considering the character’s interesting backstory and skill set, Moon Knight could be utilized in many different projects down the line. Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

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