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Sailor Moon: Eternal Anime Movies Delayed to 2021

The upcoming Sailor Moon: Eternal movies have been delayed to early 2021. When it comes to Japanese pop culture, the “Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit” is one of the most iconic in manga/anime. The original Sailor Moon manga was adapted into a successful 90s anime.

In 2014, Toei Animation launched Sailor Moon Crystal, a new, more faithful adaption. The first season covered the battle against Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria, while season 2 was about the conflict against Wiseman and the Black Moon Clan. Season 3 covered the Death Busters arc, which introduced fan-favorite Sailor Saturn.

That was four years ago, so fans have been waiting for Sailor Moon Crystal to adapt the next storyline. Instead of a new season, the story is going to be adapted into two films.

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This week, Toei Animation (via GameRant) announced a delay for both Sailor Moon: Eternal movies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first was originally scheduled for release this September, but will now launch January 8, 2021. The second movie releases a month later, on February 11. The films will cover the “Dream” arc, which featured the Dead Moon Circus. Longtime Sailor Moon fans will remember the storyline being adapted in Sailor Moon SuperS. There is no word on an international release yet.

While disappointing, it’s not surprising Toei delayed Sailor Moon: Eternal as COVID-19 has pushed back many projects. The wait should be worth it. Sailor Moon Crystal has delivered a solid adaption of the manga so far.

Hopefully the wait for the final arc won’t be as long as the gap between the “Death Busters” arc and “Dream.” Those who want to catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal can watch seasons 1-3 on Crunchyroll.

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