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The Midnight Sky Stars Address The Netflix Movie’s Biggest Mystery

The Midnight Sky stars Kyle Chandler, Tiffany Boone and Demián Bichir have shared their thoughts on the Netflix movie’s biggest mystery.

This movie follows the lone scientist, who stays behind in an Arctic research laboratory after some sort of global catastrophe, based on Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel Good Morning, Midnight, the George Clooney-led and directed film.

Struggling to survive, he tries to contact a team of astronauts to warn them about the state of the planet, and how it’s no longer safe for them to return.

The Midnight Sky Netflix Kyle Chandler
The Midnight Sky Netflix Kyle Chandler

What happened to Earth in The Midnight Sky is purposely left unexplained, allowing the audience to fill in the blanks with their imagination. But, as we wondering, do the stars of the film have their own ideas about what caused the catastrophe?

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“I didn’t come up with a theory, because the character doesn’t know what’s going on,” told Boone, who plays newbie astronaut Maya in The Midnight Sky. “So for me, I don’t really try to know more than the character. I don’t have a theory. I didn’t come up with one.”

“Me neither,” said Bichir (Sanchez). “We were all taken aback. We were taken by surprise by this thing. Of course, I think about many different things. The planet has been through so many different changes in the last minutes or years, and we just accelerate it, this new catastrophe.”

While not citing a particular cause of the disaster, Chandler (Mitchell) explained how his imagination, and the shows he watched as a kid, helped to place him in an end-of-world situation.

The Midnight Sky Netflix Sci Fi
The Midnight Sky Netflix Sci Fi

“I focused on the fact that I thought something had happened,” he said. “When I was kid they had all those miniseries on the world blowing itself up when the arms race is going on.

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“I think I caught some of those images of those TV shows of the complete, utter devastation of these cities, and that’s where I saw my wife and my kids [in the film] having to work their way through to find some bunker or somewhere where we’re going to meet. And even though that was going on, still we headed down there.”

It’s probably worth pointing out that, during the early stages of The Midnight Sky, Clooney’s scientist tests the air for radiation, which may suggest there was some sort of nuclear meltdown or explosion.

Whatever the case, isn’t it more interesting to have some mysteries left unanswered?

The Midnight Sky is available to stream on Netflix now.

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