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Suicide Squad 2: James Gunn Trolls Fans Trying To Guess John Cena’s Character

James Gunn is having a lot of fun trolling fans trying to guess John Cena’s The Suicide Squad character. When the 2016 Suicide Squad failed to impress audiences, Warner Bros. sought a new direction for the anti-hero team.

They settled on a cross between a sequel to the original and a reboot, one that’s been written and directed by Gunn. The Suicide Squad will feature a mostly new cast of characters, with a handful returning from the 2016 film. Exactly what they will all be doing remains to be seen, as Gunn has kept many, many details a secret. This includes all of the characters; Gunn so far as refused to divulge who is playing who.

On social media, a fan compiled a list of potential characters Cena could be playing. These include Bane, Black Spider, Copperhead, Deathstroke, KGBeast and Solomon Grundy. Gunn saw these and joked that it’s “A little late for the suggestions considering we finished filming in February,” before going on to say fans are going to “freak out on how amazing @JohnCena is in #TheSuicideSquad as the character he does play…” Unsurprisingly, Gunn offered no further hints about who that character might be.

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A popular theory now is that Cena will be playing Peacemaker, something Cena himself never explicitly denied. One could argue that, because Peacemaker wasn’t included among those fan ideas, there’s still a chance that is who Cena is playing. After all, Gunn didn’t seem to favor any of those potential contenders. At the same time, even if the fan had correctly guessed Cena’s character, Gunn probably wouldn’t have confirmed it.

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