First Look at Anthony Ramos’ Marvel Villain Revealed

Ironheart will not only follow the story of Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams but it is also expected to add another villain to the MCU’s growing roster of enemies. In the comics, Ironheart has a plethora of enemies, such as the Inhuman crime lord Tomoe the Techno Golem, the Iron Maiden, and a criminal cyborg named Lucia von Bardas.

In the MCU, Ironheart’s villain is still unknown, but previous rumors may have shed some light on the subject. Entertainment insider KC Walsh reported that the MCU series will feature a mystical villain known as The Hood, indicating that it would involve a “machines vs. magic” battle.

Hamilton star Anthony Ramos was rumored to play The Hood in the MCU series, and now, a new set photo has confirmed this claim.

Anthony Ramos’ Portrayal as Marvel Villain ‘The Hood’ Revealed

Just Jared shared new set photos from Disney+’s Ironheart, revealing the first look at Anthony Ramos as the Marvel villain, The Hood. The Hamilton star can be seen wearing a comic-accurate costume of the supervillain, sporting a red cloak while carrying a handgun:

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The confirmation that Anthony Ramos is portraying The Hood in Ironheart is an important factor to determine why Riri Williams is unique from Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Throughout his three solo movies, the original Armored Avenger didn’t encounter mystical villains, with Stark only fighting against his business rival Obadiah Stane, a formidable duo in Whiplash and Justin Hammer, and the creator of the Extremis virus, Aldrich Killian.

Given that Ironheart and The Hood never met in the comics, it sets up an unexpected battle between the two characters. It will be interesting to see how Marvel combines magic and technology in the upcoming series, leading to a visually stunning fight. Ironheart is expected to premiere on Disney+ in late 2023.

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