Punisher’s MCU Return Might’ve Just Been Accidentally Announced

Despite their series having ended over three years ago, the Punisher and the other Defenders are the talk of the town. Whether it was their Marvel shows making the transition from Netflix to Disney+ or Daredevil getting his MCU introduction in the upcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, there is plenty to be excited about for fans of these street-level supes.

Well, turns out that fans may not have to wait long for news about at least one more Defender, as more Punisher news has seemingly been leaked.

More Punisher Incoming?

Appearing at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Netflix Marvel star Rosario Dawson seemingly confirmed that the MCU will bring back the Punisher.

Speaking at a panel on Sunday, the Claire Temple actress said she had “found out yesterday that the Punisher was happening again” and was excited because the Jon Bernthal series was the only of the Netflix Marvel shows that Dawson did not appear in.

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Oh no! What is happening at Marvel Studios? That is two accidental slips of unannounced projects in less than a week.

Rosario Dawson has made a mistake here, but it is now just a matter of what exactly she is talking about. It is currently unknown if this Punisher project will be a full reboot, a continuation from Punisher Season 2, or if it’s just Jon Bernthal coming back to cameo or play a bigger role alongside the likes of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock.

Well, with Daredevil: Born Again on the calendar, and the potential for a couple of Netflix characters to show up in She-Hulk, Bernthal’s return could be sooner rather than later. Right now, Born Again feels like the perfect place to drop the Punisher for more super-powered fun, going from there into his own series similar to how it was done on Netflix.

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