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Pokemon Go is Getting Mega Evolution, Finally!

Pokemon Go is getting Mega Evolution, it’s finally coming with a new mechanic based on the mainline games’ popular system. Officially announced in a special Wednesday stream from The Pokemon Company.

They also announce it through a twitter post.

Mega evolved Pokemon weren’t shown yet, but Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company, promised that this new take on Mega Evolution will be enhanced by Pokemon Go’s unique gameplay.

The sixth generation extra evolution was originally added in Pokémon X and Y. While we haven’t seen any Pokemon from the Kalos region, where mega evolution originated. We’ll be seeing this special mechanic sooner than later.

Mega evolution will shake up the game’s meta, making Pokémon who are already strong even stronger. It’s unknown if all Pokémon that can mega evolve will be able at launch. Either if you’ll need a special item or version of that Pokémon to get their more powerful form.

In the mainline Pokemon game, Mega Evolution is a temporary form of evolution used in battle. It was introduced in the sixth generation Pokemon game. There are 46 species of Pokemon that can mega evolve. Since the announcement for Pokemon Go’s introduction of mechanics was brief.

There is no word yet where the forms of Mega Evolution will be available, but it makes sense to assume that if Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be Mega Evolve in the core game. Then there’s a possible chance of doing the same thing in mobile games.

Mega evolution is slated to release in 2020, but there’s still no further specifics announced.

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