Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a first-person shooter developed by MachineGames and Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. A spin-off of the Wolfenstein series, the game was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July 2019.

This guide for Wolfenstein: Youngblood includes all achievements, Gestapo codes, and how to unlock God Key Doors. Just read on.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Guides, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Solo vs. Co-op Gameplay in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

While it’s possible to play with the assistance of an AI partner, teaming up with a human player is recommended if you want to earn all achievements and find every collectible in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. To play with friends who do not own the game, you need to use the Buddy Pass that comes with the Deluxe Edition of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Your buddy must also download the trial version of the game and create a Bethesda.net account.

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How to Unlock God Key Doors

Upon finishing the main campaign, you’ll earn an ability that lets you knock down the locked God Key Doors found throughout the game. You can get powerful weapons and items from them.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Gestapo Codes

Gestapo crates are full of silver you can spend to upgrade weapons or other items. Use the codes below to unlock Gestapo crates.

Gestapo CrateAreaLocationCode
Gestapo Crate #1RiversideBehind a barrier near the disk decoder9576
Gestapo Crate #2RiversideIn a room above the security checkpoint2703
Gestapo Crate #3RiversideOn the rooftop across from the Ubertechnik store1234
Gestapo Crate #4Little BerlinNear the interrogation center9317
Gestapo Crate #5Little BerlinNear the bridge in front of the Brother 1 gate1234
Gestapo Crate #6Little BerlinIn the room with the Ubcommander in the Ubcommander Fleisher side mission.8055
Gestapo Crate #7Victory BoulevardIn the radio station9189
Gestapo Crate #8Victory BoulevardIn an apartment near Metro Station North2161
Gestapo Crate #9Detention Area 4In the room filled with containers7144
Gestapo Crate #10Detention Area 4In the apartments between the two main areas1983
Gestapo Crate #11Brother 1In a holding cell near the control room1265
Gestapo Crate #12Brother 1On the walkway in the lobby7532
Gestapo Crate #13Brother 1In the archives during the Blueprints side mission3444
Gestapo Crate #14Brother 2On a walkway near the landing pads on the roof1987
Gestapo Crate #15Brother 2On the other side of the big dome2905
Gestapo Crate #16Brother 2Behind the God Key Door in Silverfish Depot5858
Gestapo Crate #17Brother 3Near the staircase in the main computer room2354
Gestapo Crate #18Brother 3In the ruined area before the lab3201
Gestapo Crate #19Brother 3Down a tunnel In the lab0912
Gestapo Crate #20Brother 3Behind the “Wir bauen die zukunft auf wissenschaft” sign in the lobby6743
Gestapo Crate #21Lab XIn a control room between the first and second lab8352
Gestapo Crate #22Lab XBeyond the laser wall in the second lab1414
Gestapo Crate #23Lab XIn the field office outside of Lab X4780
Gestapo Crate #24Lab XBehind a locked door in Lothar and Juju’s Trap side mission2569
Gestapo Crate #25Lab XIn the cave after the final mission5806

How to Upgrade Weapons in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Time needed: 10 minutes.

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There are a few ways to make your weapons more deadly.

  1. Use silver

    Collect silver to purchase weapon upgrades.Wolfenstein Youngblood Silver

  2. Kill enemies with specific weapons

    Raise your Weapon Mastery by killing a lot of enemies with a specific weapon type.Wolfenstein Youngblood Weapon

  3. Use damage bonuses

    Equip items that grant damage bonuses.Wolfenstein Youngblood Damage

  4. Level up your characters

    Level up your characters by earning experience points to increase your overall strength.Wofenstein Youngblood Characters

Stealth Bonus

Kill enemies without being detected to earn a stealth bonus. Crouching, takedowns, throwing axes, and the Cloak ability are very useful for this.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Collectibles

There are six types of collectibles scattered throughout the levels.

  • Concept Chests
  • UVK Tapes
  • Audio Tapes
  • 3D Glasses
  • Readables
  • Floppy Disks

Wolfenstein 3D

Go to the bar in the Paris Catacombs to find an arcade cabinet. There you can play the full German edition of Wolfenstein 3D.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainers

You can find various trainers for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the internet. The trainers can unlock various cheats, such as listed below.

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite armor
  • Infinite lives
  • Infinite ammo
  • Unlimited Cloak ability
  • Extra skill points, coins, and XP
  • Increase game speed
  • Improved accuracy
  • One-hit kills
  • No reload
  • No recoil

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Achievements

3-DCollect all 3D glasses.
A better youObtain five abilities.
A cloud of leadAchieve mastery level 10 with the Kugelgewehr.
A red mistGore 150 enemies.
AirborneKill 50 enemies while airborne. 
Airship downDefeat Winkler.
American FootballKill 50 enemies with your Crush ability.
Among friendsLink up with the resistance.
AudiophileFind all Cassette Tapes.
BankerFind 60,000 coins.
BomberKill 50 enemies using explosives.
Brother 1Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 1.
Brother 2Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 2.
Brother 3Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 3.
Chop and sliceAchieve mastery level 10 with a melee weapon.
ChopperAchieve mastery level 10 with the Sturmgewehr.
CinephileFind all UVK Covers.
Dark daysEnter all Undergrounds.
Demolition womanAchieve mastery level 10 with the Dieselkraftwerk.
Dust to dustAchieve mastery level 10 with the Laserkraftwerk.
Electric feelAchieve mastery level 10 with the Elektrokraftwerk.
Expert explorerOpen all red supply crates.
ExplorerOpen 200 supply crates.
Extra everythingObtain 15 abilities.
Gear headObtain all improved weapon upgrades.
Get the strapAchieve mastery level 10 with the Maschinenpistole.
God KeyObtain the God Key.
God modeKill 50 enemies with their own bullets.
GunslingerAchieve mastery level 10 with the Pistole.
HackerCollect all floppy disks.
Hammer timeAchieve mastery level 10 with a Hammer weapon.
Hard boiledKill 100 enemies while dual-wielding.
Heavy artilleryTuck a Hammer weapon away for later.
Immovable objectKill 10 charging Supersoldaten.
IntruderGet through 10 code locks.
Kitted outObtain 10 weapon upgrades.
LibrarianFind all Readables.
More human than humanObtain all abilities.
One woman armyAchieve mastery level 10 with all weapons.
PartisanComplete all missions.
Plain sightEnter the Lab X.
PredatorKill an enemy within 3 seconds of uncloaking 50 times.
PrepperPick up 250 loot supplies.
RasputinRevive or get revived 25 times.
ResistorKill 500 enemies.
Right tool for the jobKill 75 enemies using the weapon type that’s most effective against their shield type.
RipperKill 75 enemies using take-downs.
See my vestObtain 5 power armor skins.
Spray and prayAchieve mastery level 10 with the Blitzgewehr.
StealthyStealthily kill 50 enemies.
Sting like a beeStealth Kill 10 Supersoldaten.
SupportivePerform 100 pep signals.
Supreme ninjaKill 50 enemies using thrown weapons.
SwatterKill 20 drones.
TacticoolFully upgrade a weapon brand.
TeamworkComplete a mission with co-op player.
TributeObtain the souvenir from Dunwall.
Trigger happyFire 100,000 shots.
Vive la révolution!Kill Lothar. 
World’s best DadMeet up with your father.

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