How To Not Suck At Fortnite: A Beginner’s Guide

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Fortnite Guide

Beginner’s Guide To Fortnite – Battle royale games are dominating the gaming scene since 2017. Until now, the hype is still ongoing. One of the games that bring the popularity is Fortnite.

Fortnite, same as PUBG, is of course a complex game, and they have their mobile version. If you are a beginner on Fortnite, don’t worry. We will guide you newbies to not suck at the game. Check the Fortnite guide below!

Beginner’s Guide To Fortnite

Without further ado, here is the Fortnite beginner’s guide from Wowkia.

  1. Learn the controls

    Fortnite Guide Controls
    Because PC and mobile players can play together in Fortnite, there should be no difference in the controls and mechanics, except for the feel of the devices. So there’s no reason to not learn Fortnite controls on your own device. In Fortnite, there are two control modes: Combat Mode and Build Mode.
    Combat Mode is used when you are shooting enemies or other stuff which needs weapon use. Meanwhile, Build Mode is used for building objects with the materials you have, like woods, rocks, or metal. For the complete guide of the keyboard controls, check this link.

  2. Autorun

    Fortnite Guide Run
    When you move through open spaces without coverage, use the autorun feature to find hidings. Though exploring is fun, you can’t just stand in open areas as enemies will easily shoot you. Make sure you move safely in the game, so you won’t be an easy prey.

  3. Listen to surroundings

    Fortnite Sounds
    Every battle royale games require good hearing skill to survive. With good hearing, you can listen if enemies are around, even you can know which direction they are moving. You can hear gunshots, footsteps, or reloads when they are close. To focus on the sounds, better play using headphones.

  4. Watch the map

    Fortnite Map Another thing to focus on is the map. Map indicators may sign important things. If there’s a fire icon in the map, it’s an enemy firing. If the map shows footprints, it’s a sign for a surrounding enemy. Then, black boxes mean loots.

  5. Learn to craft

    Fortnite Building
    Not like PUBG, in Fortnite we crafting feature. Crafting is one of the important features to win the game. Building speed and object choice affect your survival chance. Therefore, you have to take the Build Mode practice seriously.

That is Fortnite beginner’s guide to not suck at the game. Hope it helps you to master the battle royale. Check out other game guides, tutorials, and news on Wowkia.

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