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Auto Chess Guide For Beginners And Noobs

Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy game which adapted from Dota 2 by Drodo Studio. Now, the game is available for android smartphones. Auto Chess has modified characters from Dota 2 but has the same gameplay with Dota Underlords, Valve’s version of Auto Chess for PC.

Despite more and more players playing Dota’s Auto Chess game, the original mobile version is also expected to gain more fans in the future. Because lots of new players don’t understand the mechanics yet, they are prone to be ridiculed by more expert players in the game.

That’s why we will give you beginners guide on playing Auto Chess Mobile. This guide hopefully will help newbies to excel more in the game or other auto-chess-like game.

Auto Chess Mechanics Guide

Auto Chess Mechanics

Auto Chess is a strategy game with eight players. Each player must arrange their units and protect them every round against other random players. At the beginning of every match, each player gets 100 HP and will lose if the health reaches zero. Auto Chess is the same as battle royale games. Whoever survives till the end of the game will be the winner.

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Some units have synergy combos with each other and they will get additional buffs from that. Arranging units with synergies is the main goal of Auto Chess. Moreover, you can upgrade your units to level 2 or 3. It’s done by combining three of the same level 1 units to be one level 2 unit, and three of the same level 2 units be one level 3 unit. This guide will teach you how to effectively level up your Auto Chess units.

Auto Chess Guide On Optimizing The Experience Level

Auto Chess Guide Level

In Auto Chess, your level is the number of units you can bring to the arena to fight. The remaining units will sit on the bench or you can sell them if they are too many. Players will start with level 1. Experience level will be increased by 1 each round. Players can buy 4 points of exp with 5 gold. You can’t just use all of your gold to increase your level. Many things must be calculated beforehand as you must manage your gold to be used for other stuff. Here is the guide on leveling up your units in Auto Chess.

  • Level up if you enough gold and at you must do it as much as you can in one round.
  • Try to keep on the winning streak when you see an enemy with more upgraded level and units.
  • Break the losing streak with your gold when you meet over-powered enemies. That way, you might not meet them again.
  • If you already have strong units on the bench or you need synergy, you can prioritize your level.
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Gold Mangement Guide

Gold For Xp Auto Chess

As the game begins, each player will get 1 gold to buy units. Then, they will get 2, 3, 4, and five gold each next round. The 5 gold earning after the last round will repeats until the game ends. Also, players will get an additional 1 gold for each win against enemies. Furthermore, players will also get up to 3 gold if they can get winning streak or losing streak. So, if you are winning and losing after another you won’t get the additional 3 gold.

You will also get a gold increase from saving them. The amount depends on how much you save. Every 10 gold you will get 1 gold increase. The maximum amount of gold you can get from saving is 5. So, you must save 50 gold to get 5 gold bonus at the end of each round.

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Another way to get gold is by selling unused units. They will give the same gold they cost you when you buy them.

Guide On Rerolling in Auto Chess

Auto Chess Reroll Guide

Reroll is a feature in Auto Chess which gives random units to replace yours when the next round begins. With rerolling, we can bet to get our desired units much faster. Each reroll costs 2 gold. You have to manage your gold to decide when is the best time to reroll. The best reroll is when you’ve acquired 50 gold. Before that, you don’t have to reroll, just use the initial units you get from the beginning.

When your gold reaches 50, you can reroll and buy units you want to get 50 gold again. So, when is the time to spend all the gold? The best time is when your HP reaches below 20. At that time, you’ll need strong units to survive. You have to reroll or upgrade your level if needed.

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Guide On Positioning Your Units

Auto Chess Positioning

Unit positioning on the board is important in Auto Chess. Though you are leading with your strong synergies and up-leveled units, you still can lose because of bad units placement. Units position depends on their type. If it’s a tanker, you put it on the front. If it’s a mage or hunter, then it should stand far behind.

Most used formation on Auto Chess late-game is 3 by 3 square on the board’s back corner. Melee units put on the front with ranged units behind them. This will make the enemy hard to defend. Assassin units can jump to enemy units quickly. So it can move immediately from the square to attack enemies.

Other Auto Chess Guide Tips

  • Choose build which is different from other players. There is a chance to get it the next round.
  • Frantic Mask can be equipped by units which have passive skills like Shadow Crawler, The Source, Lightblade Knight, Berserker, or Taboo Witcher.
  • You can buy another druid to upgrade the druid you use.
  • Put Lord of Sand and Water Spirit on the front. If they take damage when the mana is full, they will use their skills to move immediately.
  • Tsunami Stalker and Sire can be put on the front to use their skill’s effect. Just let them die first if you want.
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That’s the beginners’ guide on playing Auto Chess Mobile. Though it seems like a simple game, actually Auto Chess is complex enough and needs our logic to play. Some people say that Auto Chess only relies on luck because they don’t understand the mechanics. Hope this Auto Chess guide will help you to win the next matches and climb the rank fast.

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