Previously, the leak about Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch had indeed been circulating on the internet a lot. However, after a long wait, the platform users still didn’t get to play the game.

In fact, even though so many people have received leaks about Apex Legends coming up to Nintendo Switch, and already expect too much, Respawn Entertainment as the developer of the Apex Legends game still hasn’t said anything about this.

Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch (Leaks)

Apex Legends Coming To Nintendo Switch
Apex Legends Coming Console Illustration |

Until finally, the time has come! Respawn Entertainment has announced Season 8 for the Apex Legends game. In the season update, there will be a new Legend named Fuse.

Because of this Season 8 news, there is a source that says Apex Legends will be coming to the Nintendo Switch platform in February 2021. This leak itself is obtained from the video description column of the Apex Legends Japan region, which says that the Apex Legends game made by Respawn Entertainment will be coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

In the video description of the Japanese Apex Legends region, it is written that “on February 2, Apex Legends can be played on the Switch platform at the same time as the start of Season 8”. However, at this time, unfortunately, somehow the writing has been deleted.

Until now, Respawn Entertainment has not said anything about this leak. However, considering this is something they are doing themselves, it looks like more news about Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch will come out soon.

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Although this could be Apex Legends’ negligence, with this leak, Nintendo Switch users are getting impatient to play this game on their consoles.

Currently, you can play the Apex Legends game on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Origin (PC), and Steam (PC) platforms.