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The Classic Fortnite Vehicle Leaked Will Return

The Classic Fortnite Vehicle Leaked Will Return

There is an information leaker for various games with the name FNBRUnreleased who said in his Twitter that the classic Fortnite vehicles, namely the Baller and the Hoverboard, will return in the next update.

Not only that, but FBNRUnreleased also stated it is likely that the Golf Cart will also return in this update. Indeed, in this update, there are more users who are more concerned about the classic vehicle. However, in my opinion, the Golf Cart also has its own good points.

Classic Fortnite Vehicle Will Be Nerfed?

As you can see in the data posted by FNBRUnreleased below, it looks like the Golf Cart will be getting some renovations. Not only that, it is likely that Baller and Hoverboard will also get nerfed in this update.

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With the return of Golf Cart, Baller and Hoverboard, it looks like more players will start arriving again. Given that previously many players from this game said that removing the vehicle was a big mistake made by Epic Games. So, it looks like the company is taking steps to accept the criticism of the players, and will eventually be adding Golf Cart, Baller, and Hoverboard in the next update.

Classic Fortnite Vehicle, Baller Hoverboards And Golf Cart Fortnite
Baller Hoverboards and Golf Cart Fortnite | Sportskeeda

As additional information, previously Fortnite has indeed kept players busy with new challenges and other updates in Chapter 2 Season 5, such as the new Predator crossover. After knowing that the classic Fortnite vehicle is coming back, it looks like the players will be busy again in this update later.

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