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5 Best Scariest Games on Roblox in 2021

5 Best Scariest Games on Roblox in 2021

Indeed, in Roblox, there are no games that have good graphics like games in general, like The Medium. However, the platform actually has lots of fun and creepy games, like the 5 best scariest games on Roblox, which we will discuss here.

The five scariest games on this platform are specifically for 2021. So, if you want to play this game, don’t worry if you try it later, there are a few players in it.

5 Best Scariest Games on Roblox

Okay, if you already understand our discussion this time, here are 5 of the scariest games you can play on Roblox. The games on this list are sure will make you scared. So, be prepared for the strikes!

1. Alone in a Dark House

Best Scariest Games on Roblox, Alone in a Dark House
Alone in a Dark House | Gamer M8

Alone in a Dark House is a top-rated game among Roblox users. This game, created by DarkHouseRBLX, features a private investigator investigating the brutal murders on the inside. So, with 20 players in it, surely by playing this game, you will feel terrified because there are various paranormal experiences.

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2. Stop It, Slender

Best Scariest Games on Roblox, Stop It, Slender
Stop It, Slender | ZaiLetsPlay

Stop It, Slender is a game where the main character acts as Slenderman or acts as a citizen who is terrorized by Slenderman. Kinnis97 created this game to make a lot of people nervous. You see, who is not afraid of being chased by Slenderman?

3. Dead Silence

Best Scariest Games on Roblox, Dead Silence
Dead Silence | Sportskeeda

Dead Silence is a game created by DoomX10 and inspired by the 2007 Eponymous film. Because these best scariest games on Roblox are more focused on the thriller genre, players must complete challenges and survive fear attacks.

4. Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha
Bear Alpha | Reddit

Bear Alpha is a survival game where there are ten players inside and placed in one room. Each player must hunt down and kill the other in less than five minutes. Even though it seems ordinary, this game turns out to have pretty scary gameplay, plus a soundtrack that we might get a shivering from.

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5. Roses

Roses | Realistic Gaming

Roses is a game that is very much liked by Roblox users. How not, because this game is set in a creepy asylum from the 1940s. Even though this game only has a gameplay of about 25 minutes with 3 chapters, the experience of getting scared from this game is very satisfying.

Those were the 5 best scariest games on Roblox. So what do you think? Are the games on this list enough to scare you? If so, don’t forget to invite your friends to play this game together!