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7 Tips And Tricks For Apex Legends Beginners

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the latest game from developer Respawn Entertainment. It combines elements of the battle royale genre, popularized by the hugely successful Fortnite and PUBG, with hero shooters like Overwatch. During a match, players form teams of three and pick from a roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities. They drop onto a large map where they must scrounge for weapons, ammo, and armor, and battle to see who is the last team standing.

Apex Legends is free-to-play, but cosmetic items and a seasonal Battle Pass will cost you some bucks. But if you’re interested in checking it out, the only thing it’ll cost you is time. Before you queue up for your first match in Apex Legends, here are seven helpful tips to get you started.

7 Helpful Tips To Get You Started In Apex Legends

1. Choose The Best Legend For You

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a roster of nine unique characters, and you’ll want to pick one who best matches your playstyle. Try all of the characters out first to find the role that best suits you.

2. Use The Ping System Effectively

Apex Legends Ping Wheel

You can mark enemies for your teammates, tell them which direction you’re heading in, or tell them where to find weapons, ammo, bandages, etc. simply by pressing the dedicated Ping key. Make good use of it during a match for better communication with your teammates.

3. Focus On One Target At A Time

Apex Legends Target

Use the ping system or voice chat to effectively coordinate and take down enemies one at a time. Focusing on support type characters like Lifeline is usually a good place to start.

4. Learn Apex Legends’ Map

Apex Legends Map

Like most battle royale games, Apex Legend’s map has a ring that shrinks throughout the match, which means players need to find gears before it closes in. Getting familiar with the map will teach you the best places to land, the best loot areas, where to expect an ambush, and more.

5. Consider Hunting The Good Loot

Loot Drone

Different sections of the map have different tiers of loot, and you should know these locations. Areas called Hotspots consistently contain some of the strongest weapons and armor. Meanwhile, dropships land in random locations and carry the most powerful loot in the game. Of course, both hotspots and dropships are highly demanded, so you can choose if you want to face a greater challenge for greater rewards.

6. Make Good Use of Jump Towers, Ziplines, and Octane’s Jump Pads

Jump Tower

In Apex Legend, there are tools you can loot to help you navigate the area faster and get a literal jump on enemies. Jump Towers let you move quickly by flying. There are also plenty of ziplines scattered throughout the map. All of them appear in different locations during each match.

7. Remember to Slide

Apex Slide

Sliding is an important part of Apex Legends’ movement. You can use it to get into cover quickly, travel down a hill faster, or use it at the start of a match while touching down after the drop. The speed boost you get from sliding makes you a harder target to hit, too. Just crouch while sprinting to perform a slide.