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Too Many People Say It, Twitch Banned SIMP

Since too many people say it, Twitch banned SIMP from users and will no longer allow any PC, console, game, or other streamers, commenters to call or comment using that term.

Most people think of this word itself as a reference to a man who seems to really need a woman’s attention. However, SIMP itself actually has many meaning. Even so, there are still many people who think this SIMP is an insult.

Twitch Banned SIMP
Twitch Banned SIMP | MillenniaThinker

Twitch Banned SIMP, Incel and Virgin

In addition to this term, Twitch COO Sara Clemens said they would eventually ban the words “Incel and virgin.” Somehow Twitch has gotten strict lately, but this happened mainly because many people reported the word as an insult.

Apart from the SIMP ban, there will also be a new policy that will affect on January 22. The new policy itself includes super strict rules for sexually harassing users, including Incel and virgin.

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By the time the new policy goes into effect, Twitch says the word SIMP, Incel and virgin will not be completely banned, but depending on the situation. Twitch also said they would only take action against these words later if they were used for harassment. However, it looks like Twitch will also crackdown on users who use the word SIMP if someone reports it to them.

Until now, no details have been obtained regarding how Twitch will enforce the ban related to this SIMP word. However, given that this term was often used by people for an insulting word, it seems that Twitch moderators will continue to crack down on the word.

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