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Rambo: Last Blood Newest Clip Struggle to Wear a Watch

Rambo will have his final movie in September this year entitled: Last Blood. This movie will be about Rambo returning to Mexico in a mission to rescue his loved one after being kidnapped by a cartel. Sylvester Stallone, the Rambo, recently shared another short clip from the movie on his official Instagram account.

As shown in the first post, Rambo begins to act again after Gabriella, his adopted family, is kidnapped when she looks for his long-lost father. Stallone wrote that Gabriella and Maria are the only families he has and thus he has to protect them.

The second post shows Rambo’s preparation for his final fight. It includes making weapons, firing a machine gun and shooting an arrow. 

Meanwhile, in this latest clip, Stallone shares his short scene where he dons a tricky watch and puts a knife on his waist. After that, he enters the shoot in a dark tunnel assumedly to do the battle.

This movie is said will provide a more somber and serious fight compared to the previous 2008’s Rambo. Thus, it will be interesting to see what kind of impression does Stallone leave for his fans in his final combat.