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Sadako New Trailer Is Out Now!

Sadako is one of the most terrifying women in the horror scene. She is famous for her ability to come out from TV screens. And with the release of the new trailer, now Sadako is back.

Hideo Nakata is once again developing the adaptation of this old Japanese horror. This time, the story focuses on the present time, haunting YouTube video creators and social media users.

This movie is a comeback of Hideo Nakata as a director, after leading the development of the two originals, Ringu and Ringu 2, since 1998. The American adaptation of the old Sadako movie, The Ring, received positive opinions from horror films fans. The release of Sadako (2019) will be the 21th-anniversary celebration of the Ringu franchise. Check out the Sadako (2019) trailer below!

Sadako (2019) Trailer

Sadako (2019) Synopsis

Sadako follows Mayu Akigawa (Elaiza Ikeda), who involve in a scandal with Yusuke Ishida (Takashi Tsukamoto). Meanwhile, Mayu’s brother, Kazuma Akigawa (Hiroya Shimizu), is trying to find and summon back Sadako.

Sadako is known as a young witch, who is murdered and left in an abandoned well. To fulfill her revenge, she made a cursed videotape which put the viewers to horrible deaths.

Sadako is directed by Hideo Nakata with Noriaki Sugihara as the storywriter. The movie has hit theaters in Japan on the last May 24, but the worldwide release does not yet have an official date. As the new Sadako trailer is recently out, hope we can watch the movie soon.

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