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Top 10 Spider-Man Fight Scenes Throughout Its Movies

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now on the screen. It shows the story of Peter Parker going on a vacation to relieve his stress after a big fight in Avengers: Endgame and lost his big mentor, Tony Stark. Spider-Man so far has been produced in seven movies since 2002 and played by three different actors.

But, do you ever think about which of these movies presenting the best fight scene? Considering the intensity and the meaning of the fight, Wowkia provides the following list of Top 10 Spider-Man Fight Scenes.

10. Spider-Man vs The Lizard (The Amazing Spider-Man 2012)

915556 The Amazing Spider Man

The Lizard is the transform of Dr. Curt Connors after he tested on himself a substance of certain reptiles to regrow his right arm. Dr. Connors actually has been shown in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. But only under this reboot, the character is made as the main villain for Peter.

Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-Man did not receive a big success like its previous three. However, the fights between Spider-Man and The Lizard could be a strong part of the movie, even though they usually end with flaws. The fight in Peter’s school could be unique but the disappearance of The Lizard is too sudden. The same for its final fight where the loss of the villain and his reform to human could be done better.

9. Spider-Man vs Venom (Spider-Man 3 2007)

Maxresdefault 2

Venom is an alien symbiote who can receive the power of its host. When being shown on the screen, Venom first hosts Peter resulting him to mimic the ability to produce webs. After being dispatched by Peter, it moves to Eddie Brock, a reporter who has a grudge toward Spider-Man.

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The fight between Spider-Man and Venom did not quite intense because it is also in the middle of the other fight with The Sand. However, this fight put Peter’s love Mary Jane in danger and even killed his best friend, Harry Osborn. Venom itself was finally destroyed with Harry’s bomb after trapped by only a circle cage.

8. Spider-Man vs Vulture (Spider-Man Home Coming 2017)


Vulture is a character with a bird look which is decided to be the first villain in the MCU version of Spider-Man. Adrian Toomes, a businessman who is in the fall of his company, decides to become the Vulture to smooth him in running the black market. Peter who just helped the Avengers wants to prove himself more by taking down this criminal who he later found is the father of his crush.

The fights between Spider-Man and Vulture occurs at two transportation means. The first one, on a ferry, ends with Vulture’s escape by leaving his malfunctioning gun resulting to tear the ferry in half. Meanwhile, the second one occurs on a plane after Spider-Man attaches himself on Vulture who tries to hijack the plane carrying out Avengers’ weapons. The fight, however, ends on land with Vulture knocked down because of his own malfunctioning wings. These too many malfunctions and Spider-Man’s homemade suit makes us giving this fight this position.

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7. Spider-Man vs Harry Osborn (Spider-Man 3 2007)

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Harry Osborn is the son of Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin, the first enemy for Spider-Man movie. He is Peter’s best friend and even his college roommate. However, after he finds out that Peter is the one who kills his father, he takes revenge for it.

The fight between these two friends is shown in Spider-Man 3 (2007). Harry, however, is no match for Spider-Man. The first fight scene ends with a single hit from his own glider before again blown with his own bomb. The second scene, on the other hand, ends when he falls from the air after hitting Spider-Man’s web. Nevertheless, considering the relationship he has with Peter, this fight might be important for the storyline.

6. Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin (Spider-Man 2002)

Maxresdefault 1 1

The Green Goblin is the first villain in Spider-Man movies. He is actually Peter’s best friend’s father, Norman Osborn, who is also admired by Peter. Osborn turns to this monster after he took a serum that let him have a superpower, besides he already had some technological weapons.

This first fight of Spider-Man on screen makes him suffered many times. It is clearly shown in the final battle of the movie where Peter had to be angered first before able to pay back the wounds he received. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin was killed by his own glider. Nevertheless, this fight gives a big impact on Peter because the Goblin is his best friend’s father.

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5. Spider-Man vs Harry The Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014)


The Green Goblin seems to be the villain mostly shown in Spider-Man movies. In the reboot of the original movies, Harry Osborn, turns to the Green Goblin after taking the serum to prevent him from a genetic disease. Harry previously assumed that it can be cured by Peter’s blood. But Peter’s reluctance to give his blood made him put anger towards the Spidey.

The fight then starts just after Spider-Man defeated Electro. The Goblin takes Gwen and then releases her from a high above a clock tower. Spider-Man then is in a struggle both to fight the Goblin and save Gwen at the same time. But sadly, even succeed to beat the Goblin, he failed to save his love. This fight is also an important one due to the impact on Peter’s life.

4. Spider-Man vs Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014)

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Spider Man Vs Electro E1537450464110

Electro is a villain who has the power of electricity. He is previously a normal person, Max Dillon, an engineer who receives the power after being electrocuted while working. Dillon at first idolizes Spider-Man for ever being saved by him. But later when has the power, he assumes Spider-Man betrays him for stealing his fame in the first fight scene.

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The scene that takes place in Times Square releases the power that Electro has. He even breaks one Spidey’s web-shooter. Spider-Man, however, manages to save the people around and defeat Electro by using the water of the firemen. In the final fight scene, Electro gets stronger that he manages to block the water shot at him. Spider-Man at the end need Gwen’s help to reactivate an electrical grid. He then uses the electricity to overload and explode Electro.

3. Spider-Man vs Sandman (Spider-Man 3 2007)

5323659 0466230216 Im06.

Sandman is a villain who has a shapeshifting ability to sand. Flint Farko is the person who gets this ability when he accidentally falls in experimental sand. He experienced that after running from the police for robbing a bank. Farko is linked to Peter for the accident that killed his uncle, Ben Parker, in the first movie.

There are three fight scenes between Spider-Man and the Sandman shown in the movie. The first one is when he hijacked a van carrying bank’s money. After a small fight with Spider-Man, he flees. The second one takes place in a subway just after Peter, who is under Venom’s influence, find out that Farko is the killer of his uncle. The black Spider-Man almost kills the Sandman after drowning him.

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The last fight is quite intense where the Sandman, reversely, almost kills Spider-Man (even with the help of Venom). Harry comes to save Peter and both of them succeed to take down the big Sandman. Just after Spider-Man gets rid of Venom, Farko explained to Peter about what exactly happened in his uncle’s death.

2. Spider-Man vs Mysterio (Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019)

Still From Spider Man Far From Home Clip

Mysterio actually does not possess superhuman power but he is the master of illusion. It is the alias for Quentin Beck, who, in this recently played movie, is a former holographic-illusions specialist at Stark Industries. Beck and Peter at the beginning team up to fight the made-up Elementals. When Peter finds out it is actually the work of Beck and his fellows the fight between these two starts.

The power of Mysterio is proven to give Spider-Man difficulties. The first fight overwhelms Spider-Man with some frightening illusions including a view of a zombie-Iron Man. Spider-Man is saved by Nick Fury after he shot Mysterio releasing Peter from the pain. In the final fight, while trying to kill MJ and others, Mysterio traps Spider-Man in the bigger illusion with a fusion of the Elementals and hundreds of weapon drones. After breaking the illusion, Spider-Man fights directly Mysterio and having Mysterio killed with his own drone. Under the MCU, these all special effects are best shown on the screen.

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1. Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2 2004)

Maxresdefault (2)

Considering its intensity and meaning, the fight between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus is the most appropriate for being number one. Otto Octavius, a scientist working at Oscorp, becomes this villain after the fusion project becomes uncontrolled. He is then always under the control of the A.I. four arms and Spider-Man tries to stop him.

After witnessing and the same time failed to stop the change of the Doctor, Spider-Man confronts him again when the Doc Ock robs a bank. Aunt May who is with Peter at that time becomes Doc Ock’s hostage. He manages to save his aunt, but the Doc escapes. Doc Ock after that takes MJ as a hostage to lure Peter out. They then have a fight on a moving train leaving a breath-taking view where Spider-Man has to save the passengers on the train.

While MJ is still in Doc Ock’s hand, he starts another experiment that can destroy half of the city. Spider-Man then arrives and has the final battle that ends by making the Doc back to his sense. The Doc, unfortunately, dies after taking care of his mess.

Do you agree with this list? Please tell your own favorite fight scene in the comment below.

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