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Spider-Man Failed to Produce His Webs: A Classic Problem

Spider-Man fail to shoot his webs

Have you watched Spider-Man: Far From Home? You might not aware of this detailed scene where Peter failed to produce his webs. He was in the final fight against Mysterio and failed to ascend Tower Bridge due to running out of the webs. This is the classic problem in Spider-Man comic book that has not been shown in the previous Spider-Man movies.

Spider-Man movies so far have been produced in three versions. These versions have different ways to produce webbing. The first three produced by Sam Raimi depicts Peter to organically produce strands from his wrists. This is actually very far from the original comics version.

On the other hand, the version of Marc Webb represents closer to comics that Peter releases the webs through Oscorp’s Biocable. However, it is the current Spider-Man of the MCU that authentically shows Peter inventing both the substances and the shooter himself.

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Peter could not shoot his webs

The problem of failing to produce the webs actually has occurred for five times during all the movies. However, none of these five cases happened due to out of stock of the webs. Spider-Man 2 (2002) showed Peter unable to fire the webs for three times because he was in a depressed situation.

Meanwhile, the two other failures showed in two The Amazing Spider-Man happened because of his own enemy. One from the first happened because Peter’s shooters were destroyed by the Lizard. While the last failure was because the shooters were overloaded by Electro’s lightning.

It is unknown however whether the failure showed in Far From Home was unintentional or to depict the classic problem found in comic books. One thing to expect is the future Spider-Man will show more details from the original comics.