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Peter Confesses His Feelings to MJ, Will She Accept It?

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker is going on a vacation to Europe with his buddies. This trip is an escape for Peter after he lost his big mentor, Tony Stark, in Avengers: Endgame. It is recently revealed on a new TV spot that Peter will use this chance to confess his feelings to MJ.

The video starts by Peter excitedly telling his friend, Ned, three things that he will do during the trip. Two of them are he will do things that are not on the itinerary and he will do something funny. The other one, as you can guess, he will reveal his feelings to MJ. And what do you think MJ’s response will be?

As you can see, MJ mistakenly thinks that Peter will reveal his secret identity as Spider-Man. It is true that Peter so far has not told MJ about this secret, but talking about their relationship, we can see in the previous movies that they were budding romance.

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Regardless they will be or not a couple, we can expect a bigger role from MJ in the movie.

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