The Reason Why Clandestine in the MCU Surprised Fans

When you realize Clandestine in the MCU looks like a difference compared to the comics version, you too may be surprised. Not a few fans were only disappointed when Kamala Khan’s strength turned out to have changed when compared to comics.

Since the show was released on Disney Plus, the origin story of this adorable girl is revealed again in a different way, and until the third episode, the truth as a new surprise is revealed to us.

From a comic book follower’s point of view, the change in the origin of Kamala Khan’s genes is truly surprising. Moreover, Kamala Khan’s bracelet turned out to also have an important impact on herself and all creatures called Clandestine.

About Clandestine in the MCU

The Inhumans are not yet in the MCU world, but there are differences in another universe called 838 as the codename that was revealed in Doctor Strange 2. And when the storyline of Kamala Khan’s past is revealed in the third episode, a vast difference is shown to us.

Clandestine In The Mcu 2

Based on the comic, Ms. Marvel is Inhumans and that’s the right point about him. But here, Kamala Khan is one of the Clandestine generations, it’s a terrible change and a heavy burden for Marvel to work on in the future.

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Even though the series has three more episodes, it doesn’t look great for the inclusion of Inhumans. But this could also be a twist as a distraction for fans and the truth about him coming to the final episode, perhaps.

Those who really follow Marvel comics will likely be surprised by this reveal, and may not have heard of his name before, so don’t be embarrassed if the title doesn’t sound like it. So, when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who are they, and what do families want?

Again, if you look closely, there are clues when Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha, played by Mehwish Hayat, joins the party, where she removes a bracelet from what looks like a severed Kree arm.

Clandestine In The Mcu 1
Ms. Marvel Episode 3 | Marvel Studios

In the comics, the Inhumans are a Kree experimentation race. But in the third episode, they are alternate dimensional beings who can return to their home dimension, Noor.

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What Exactly is a Clandestine?

ClanDestines comes from the comics, specifically referring to a group of very obscure supervillains who have made headlines in under twenty editions since their debut in 1994.

This group began in 1168, thanks to Adam of Destine, an English Knight. After being rescued by Elalyth, an ancient Djinn, the two would go on to start a family over the next few centuries.

Due to their short-lived series, the group doesn’t interact much with the larger Marvel comics universe. However, on the other hand, they ended up meeting names like The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Doctor Strange.

Based on the comics, ClanDestines has absolutely nothing to do with Kamala Khan, so the Disney+ show is in unique waters and takes a major departure from its comic book incarnation.

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It seems clear, at least for now, that Marvel Studios is not planning to lean on the inhuman aspects of Vellani’s hero. While it’s an important coincidence to see Black Bolt, King of the Inhuman Royal Family, appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness so close to the premiere of the latest Disney+ show. Who knows? Maybe the power that exists will surprise fans.

Hopefully, this will not be a blunder for the MCU because it brings this character with a different origin than the comics. Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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