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Changes Will Happen to Kraven the Hunter Movie!

New things have been revealed about Kraven the Hunter Get Changes when compared to the comics as the original source, this is at least getting confirmation from Sony Pictures itself. As we know, Sony Pictures has had many failures in dealing with Spider-Man properties, one of which is Morbius which has made the biggest failure in the history of live-action films.

While Sony handled all projects for the Spider-Man franchise, including anti-hero films and villains, it was slow to develop until now. After that, many fans no longer expected Sony’s new project, but at least there is hope.

But audiences can’t forget Morbius as the disaster that became an internet joke. Even with the complete landing of vampire main character Jared Leto, the studio is still moving forward with its Spider-Man universe movies. If Morbius looks like a comically accurate adaptation, what if Kraven does the opposite?

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Changes May Apply to Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter had teased before in Spider-Man No Way Home when chaos just broke out after the Green Goblin bombed Stephen Strange. And it didn’t take long for the Kraven the Hunter project to actually be announced by Sony to get a solo film. This one also has a long story with Spider-Man as his nemesis.

Kraven is confirmed to be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the man who became Quicksilver in the MCU. Despite some fans’ skepticism about the project, it seems the actors behind the film seem to sense the direction Sony Pictures is headed with everything.

And at one point, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has spoken about his time filming the film and revealed changes to the iconic character.

Kraven The Hunter Get Changes

In an interview with Variety, Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor-Johnson commented on his time as the character and how the film has just finished production.

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Then he also talked about how he is truly an animal lover and protector of nature, the opposite of Kraven as a character in the comics. Based on these things, changes can occur.

As we know, the robes he uses are animal materials, including the skin of a lion or tiger. Either way, this film should be one of the staples of the Sony Spider-Man franchise. Kraven the Hunter hits theaters on January 13, 2023. Make sure you’re ready for next year.

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