Mighty Thor Actor Reveals How He Got Jacked in Thor 4!

After all the promotional teaser videos and official trailers previously released, you can see a lot of things as part of Thor 4 and Mighty Thor Jacked is one of them. Natalie Portman returns to the MCU when confirmed to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The difference is this time, this character will do something that has never happened before, because coincidentally based on the comics, Jane has cosmic powers and makes her another Thor. What things about details can we find out here?

About Mighty Thor Jacked

Long time since Jane Poster didn’t appear in another MCU film without Thor himself, at least until the events of Endgame brought him back in a cameo, one of which was shot by Thanos. Now, this character will help Thor to defeat the villains with Mjolnir.

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The new thing we can see is Portman’s burly body as the new MCU hero. It is also shown to us clearly that this girl is wearing Jacked. And at the Gamesradar interview, he talked about his return and a bit about the details.

Mighty Thor Jacked 1

The official Love and Thunder trailer features Marvel hero Portman while also showing her character in thrilling action sequences. Portman revealed that she “trained for a long time” to return, with the actress “doing protein shakes [things]” during her preparations:

“I trained for a long time before and during, and I was doing the whole protein shakes [thing]. It really helped prepare me for the level of action that we ended up doing.”

The Marvel actress went on to commend the “amazing stunt doubles” involved in the production while also pointing out that “it really helps to be strong” while filming the action scenes.

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Natalie Portman is no stranger to intense action sequences as she already has experience in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, Annihilation, and Léon: The Professional. However, this is a completely different ball game as he will be battling powerful beings at the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whatever happens next, I hope this character lasts a long time in the MCU, because it would be sad if this character only ended up in one movie. Thor: Love and Thunder will premiere in theaters on July 8th, make sure you’re ready for it.

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